Employment Offer Letter Format

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Team Masters India at April 27, 2022

The employee offer letter is a standout amongst the most significant documents at the time of employee on-boarding. An offer letter is a document that consists of all the terms and condition such as designation, roles, duties etc., of an employee.

An offer letter is documented on the company’s letterhead and is an extremely important document that contains significant data identifying with the employee's terms of employment.

Details mentioned in the Employee Offer Letter:


It obviously expresses the employees’ position in the organization, for example, Manager, Executive, Vice President and so forth.

Salary Details

It gives monthly or yearly salary bifurcation and other details of the offered candidate. The bifurcation consists basic salary, allowances, contribution toward provident fund and so forth.


The offer letter also consists of all other benefits that a company provides to its employees apart from salary. For example, medical insurance, travelling allowance, sick leaves, reimbursements and so forth.

Documents Required at The Time of Joining

The employee offer letter also mentions about all the documents that are required by him at the time of joining. Some of the common examples of such documents are AADHAAR Card and PAN Card.

Notice Period

It is the period for which the employee has to serve after resigning from the job. The offer letter also discloses the details about the notice period of the prospective employee in case he wants to resign.

Probation Period

It is that period of time for which they are kept for probation as mentioned in the offer letter. This is to check whether they are suitable for the job offered. In this time frame, the performance of the employee is analyzed against the job requirements. Once the probation time period gets over, depending upon the performance are relieved or retained

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