DIN (Director Identification Number) - Overview

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at March 14, 2023

What is DIN?

Director Identification Number

DIN is an abbreviated form of Directors Identification Number. DIN number search was first introduced in the Companies Act, 2006 under section 266A to 266G. According to these sections, every existing and prospective director of the company has to obtain DIN director identification number to carry out day to day activities of the business seamlessly. Here, we will discuss what is director identification number, din full form, what is din number, director identification number in company law, din no, din in company law, din no full form.

Why DIN is Required?

As per Section 152 of The Companies Act 2013, in case any person wants to hold any position of Director in any company he is required to obtain a DIN (director identification number in company law) and after obtaining the DIN, the person shall show and submit it to the company.

Features of DIN

•   Director Identity Number or Director Identification Number search (DIN) is of 8 digits.

•   Same DIN can be used by the Director in case he changes the company.

•   DIN once allotted can be used "n" number of times and days till the DIN holder surrenders it.


Documents for Applying DIN

Identity Proof

•   When the applicant is Indian National then the PAN card is required for DIN.

•   When the applicant is Foreign National or NRI (Non-resident Indian) then the PASSPORT is mandatory for applying the DIN.

However, while applying for the DIN proof of identity shall contain the following information

•   Applicant's full name with Photograph

•   Applicant’s Father's Name

•   Date of Birth

In case, if the applicant’s name has one or more initials not expanded in the Proof of identity, the person needs to provide the expansion of initials.

Address Proof

•   AADHAR card

•   Voter ID card

•   Bills including telephone bill, electricity bill, water bill and gas bill.

•   Passport

•   Driving license

•   Ration card

•   Statement of Bank Account

DIN Form Types

•   SPICe Form: When the applicant is applying for the first time or if the company he is applying for is new.

•   DIR-3 Form: This form is filled when the applicant is appealing to an existing company.

•   DIR-3C Form: This form is submitted by the Company to Registrar for intimation of DIN.

•   DIR-4 Form: This is the verification form in which the details of the applicant is verified.

•   DIR-5 Form: If in case the person wants to surrender the DIN he needs to fill this form

•   DIR-6 Form: Amendments can be made using this form by the applicant.

Need of Digital Signature

In DIR-3 and DIR-6 form digital sign of the applicant who wants to get appointed as a Director in the company is verified digitally either by the company secretary (CS) or Managing Director (MD) or Director or CEO of the existing company.

Steps for Applying DIN

Directors Identification Number (DIN)

There are several steps that must be considered while applying for the DIN they are:

•   First and foremost download the SPICe form if applying for new company or DIR-3 Form in case he is applying for the same existing company.

•   Register a user account on Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

•   Log in to your account by entering the valid credentials.

•   Upload the form including identity proof and address proof.

•   Upon uploading, pay the fees electronically as the portal accepts only online payment.

•   After the payment is made you will get a payment receipt.

•   DIN or Directors Identification Number will be generated within 1 month from the date of applying in the case when the details filled in the form are not duplicate. If the details of the applicant are found duplicate Provisional DIN search shall be generated.

DIN Rejection Causes

There are several reasons for the Director Identification Number (DIN) rejection some of them are:

•   If the wrong form is filled like uploading SPICe form instead of DIR-3 form when the applicant is applying in a new company.

•   When the applicants forget to upload the documents while uploading the form.

•   If the documents uploaded are fake or incorrect.

•   In case, the applicant fills wrong details in the form and the details so filled are different from the proof uploaded with the form.

In such case, amendments can be made by filling and uploading DIR-6 form with a duly attested copy of the proof.

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