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Inflow Vs. Outflow In Budget 2021

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at March 07, 2023

Know About Inflow Vs. Outflow

The Union Budget of 2021 focused on 6 major sectors of the Indian economy. This Budget was designed to resonate with the Government's vision of making India ‘Aatma Nirbhar’. Furthermore, it is structured to strengthen the nation's marketplace and help it bounce back from the financial crises brought about by the Corona Virus pandemic. This article aims to provide an insight about the sources for inflow and suggested outflow in the Budget of 2021. However, these proposals are yet to be ratified. The size of the Union Budget 2021 is INR 34.83 Lakh Crores.

Sources For Inflow

To meet the size of the Budget, the sources of inflow are:

Source Contribution (in percentage)
Borrowings & Other Liabilities 36%
Goods and Services Tax 15%
Income Tax 14%
Corporation Tax 13%
Union Excise Duties 8%
Non-Tax Revenue 6%
Non-Debt Capital Receipts 5%
Customs 3%


  • Total receipts are inclusive of States' share of taxes and duties.

Sources For Inflow

Proposed Outflow

Money from the Budget is allotted to various sectors and also assigned to meet expenses. In brief, the outflow is planned as follows:

Sector/Expense Share (in percentage)
Interest payments 20%
States' share of taxes & duties 16%
Central Sector Scheme 13%
Finance Commision & other transfers 10%
Other expenditure 10%
Subsidies 9%
Centrally Sponsored Scheme 9%
Defence 8%
Pensions 5%




  • Total expenditure is inclusive of the States' share of taxes and duties.

Proposed Outflow


A Fiscal Deficit of INR 15.1 Lakh Crores is respected from this Budget. The Budget has explicitly mentioned specific sectors that need attention. The funds allocated for these individual sectors are listed below:

Health and Wellbeing

There has been a considerable increase in the amount of money allotted for investment in this sector.

  • This sector was assigned INR 94,452 crores in the previous year. However, in this Budget, the allocated amount has been increased to Rs 2,23,846 crores.
  • Furthermore, INR 64,180 crores is set aside for the PM AatmaNirbhar Swasth Bharat Yojana and will be spread across 6 years.
  • To meet the requirements of the most essential Covide-19 vaccine, INR 35,000 crore is set aside.

Swachh Bharat Mission

The JalJeevn Mission is set to be launched in the coming 5 years, and a total amount of INR 1,41,678 is allotted for the same.

Physical & Financial Capital and Infrastructure

  • AatmaNirbhar Bharat-Production Linked Incentive Scheme: For this scheme, a total of INR 1.97 Lakh crores has been committed (for the next 5 years, beginning from FY 2021-22).
  • Around 217 infrastructure projects amounting to over INR 1.10 Lakh Crores have been completed. The Government has already provided a sum of INR 20,000 Crores to capitalize on financial institutions and aims to provide at least INR 5 Lakh Crores more in the next 3 years.

Roads and Highways

The Finance Minister has announced the completion of over 13,000 km of road. This would cost around INR 3.3 Lakh Crores.

Urban Infrastructure

A total of INR 18,000 Crores will be spent to support the augmentation of public transport, mainly busses and metros.

Power Infrastructure

The finance minister promised an outlay of INR 3,05,984 Crores over the next five years to revamp the power distribution sector. While the government is figuring out a schema for the post-pandemic new world, they have also made amendments in the laws (for direct and indirect taxes) that will help them collect enough taxes while also giving some relief to taxpayers who are the most burdened. Hopefully, this will increase India's GDP and make up for some of the fiscal deficit caused by the pandemic.

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