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Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 16, 2023

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    All About Masters India autoTax And Tally – E-Invoicing Solution 

    The Government of India rolled out the first phase of e-Invoicing implementation in October 2020. Businesses with turnover of more than INR 500 crores in any financial year from 2017-18 had to implement the e-Invoicing process mandatorily from 1 October 2020. Furthermore, in the second phase, Businesses with an annual turnover of more than INR 100 crores have to implement this new invoicing system from 1 January 2021. Tally has been managing the business of several small and medium-sized enterprises since ages. Understanding this, the team at Masters India has made efforts to integrate with the household name ‘Tally’ to provide a seamless experience for generating and printing e-Invoices with near to zero hassle directly from the Tally ERP. In this article, we will help you understand how you can Tally Invoicing and create debt note in Tally with Masters India:

    How Does Masters India Integrate With Tally?

    Tally is known to be one of the simplest ERPs in business. To ensure that this simplicity is not compromised, we have developed a simple Tally Patch using Masters India’s APIs to cover the e-Invoicing, and E-Way Bill needs, end-to-end. As a one-time effort, this patch needs to be installed into the system of the users. Our team of well trained and experienced integrators will take care of the installation of the patch. Once the patch is installed, users can generate Tally Billing like e-Invoices and e-Way Bills (EWB) directly from their Tally ERP within seconds and a single click. The patch/APIs will do the required communications with the Invoice Registration Portal at the backend.


    How To Generate E-Invoices In Tally?

    After the preliminary set-up of the Tally patch (by our experts), users can generate e-Invoices themselves. The process is simplified to bits so that there is no hand-holding required. However, in case any assistance is needed, we are always there! The 2 simple steps here are:

    Step 1: Raise regular Tax Invoice on Tally and click on ‘Yes’ to accept the invoice.


    Generate E-Invoices In Tally


    Step 2: When the user selects ‘Yes’, a pop-up will be displayed. This pop-up asks the user if he/she wishes to generate e-Invoice. Click on ‘Yes’.


    Generate E-Invoices In Tally


    Once the user selects ‘Yes’, the APIs will take the required data from the ERP and transmit it to the IRP over a secured network. The IRN number, QR code and signed e-Invoice will be generated by the IRP (if details are valid) and sent back to the Tally ERP within seconds. The users do not have to do anything here as the entire process is automated.

    Generate E-Invoices In Tally

    How To View And Cancel E-Invoices In Tally?

    Once the e-Invoice is generated, users can view or cancel the e-Invoice from the ERP itself. To view an e-Invoice: Open the desired document (Invoice) in Tally and click on ‘View E-Invoice’.

    View And Cancel E-Invoices In Tally


    The e-Invoice (in Government prescribed format) in PDF format is downloaded. To view e-Invoice report and cancel e-Invoices:

    Step 1: On the Tally Gateway, select ‘E-Invoice’.


    view e-Invoice report and cancel e-Invoices


    Step 2: Click on ‘Uploaded E-Invoice’.


    view e-Invoice report and cancel e-Invoices

    view e-Invoice report and cancel e-Invoices


    All the generated e-Invoices will be visible here. To cancel the invoice, under ‘Uploaded E-Invoice’ select the desired e-Invoice and click on ‘Cancel E-Invoice’ or Alt+C.


    view e-Invoice report and cancel e-Invoices


    Here, the reason for the cancellation has to be entered.


    view e-Invoice report and cancel e-Invoices


    Once the invoice is cancelled, it will be visible in the ‘Cancelled E-Invoice’ bucket.


    view e-Invoice report and cancel e-Invoices view e-Invoice report and cancel e-Invoices

    Why Should Users Use Masters India’s Tally Patch?

    • Our Tally patch integrates seamlessly with the Tally ERP (free or paid version) and does not minimise the ERP's simplicity.
    • The installation of the patch is taken care of by the experts at Masters India.
    • Understanding the need for merging e-Invoicing and E-Way Bill generation, EWBs can also be generated through this patch with no additional installations. The steps to generate e-Invoices and EWBs are similar. You can watch our explainer video on EWB generation through Tally here.
    • Users can customise the invoice format (add a logo, trade name, etc.).
    • This patch aims to eliminate communication and make businesses less dependent on service providers.


    Masters India autoTax and Tally E-Invoicing Solution

    Privacy And Security

    We understand that financial data is sensitive. To ensure that the user’s privacy is maintained and the data is secured, Masters India has taken cautious steps. Some of these are:

    • The systems are annually audited as per the ISO 27001 guidelines.
    • The data shared is encrypted throughout the process. That means the data is ciphered not only during the transition but also when it is at rest.
    • We work on the Virtual Private Cloud of AWS.
    • All the actions taken through Masters India are ‘User Permission’ based.
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