7 Reasons to Automate Your GST Compliance Using autoTax GST Software

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 21, 2023

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Significance of autoTax GST Software 

autoTax GST Software

After a decade of debates, varied opinions and amendments, India finally implemented GST, which is a historic move by the government of India. The “One Nation, One Tax” was the core reason for the GST rollout. With GST in place, every enterprise that deals with a large number of inward and outward invoices must think to automate their GST compliances. GST automation plays a vital role in case if there is an error due to human intervention, as the enterprises have to face the consequences under GST that consist heavy penalties as well as scrutiny of returns.

Why enterprises need GST Software?

There are numerous problems that an enterprise faces out of which the mentioned below are the four major ones that every enterprise come across.

GST Reconciliation to claim an accurate tax credit

Claiming 100% tax credit through reconciliation, prima facie looks like a simple process. On the contrary, it consumes a lot of enterprise's human resource and time, as they have to be in touch with their vendors continuously to make alterations in the returns filed by them.

An enterprise can view GSTR 1 (auto-populated GSTR 2A) filed by their vendors. So, if an enterprise finds any mismatch or missing entry in the return filed by their vendors, its correction will require an enterprise to contact every vendor involved. It would not be a big deal if the number of invoices or the volumes of transactions is less. However, in case there are thousands of invoices within a single month, then even by considering a 5% possibility of mismatches, it will be a sizable figure. So, an enterprise might require calling the vendors and getting the issues solved which will be a tedious task. In order to tackle such a situation, every enterprise must opt for the right GST software which can help them to reconcile returns through a single click.

Multi-user multiple logins

Let us say an enterprise has business units in different states and every business unit has a designated user. In such a case, every user of an enterprise has to log in separately to carry out GST compliances on the common portal. This is not only a time-consuming process but also restraints or impacts enterprises' timely GST compliance.

GST compliant Invoices

For enterprises, it won't be a big hurdle to create less number of GST compliant invoices but creating thousands of invoices in a month is no child's play. Moreover, to bulk-generate GST compliant invoices in a format that is admissible on the GST portal takes a considerable amount of time, human efforts and resources.

Bulk invoice view, reject or delete

Any enterprise that has uploaded more than 500 invoices on the GST portal cannot view, delete or rectify the uploaded invoices. It won't be a big hurdle if the number of invoices uploaded is less in case if an enterprise wants to delete or rectify the uploaded invoices. The main problem arises when there are bulk invoices. Considering that an invoice rectification takes around 1 hour then rectification of 1000's of invoices will not only be difficult but will also consume a lot of human hours.

Why We Created this Solution?

The important step of GST compliance strategy is IT solution selection as GST portal cannot be the de facto option. It is important to understand that GST portal is a common solution for taxpayers which are not designed to cater unique workflows of each enterprise. Therefore, it is important to opt for the right GST compliance product that befits the needs of enterprises.

Considering all this, we believe smart solutions designed for enterprise use can be an answer to the problems associated with GST compliance. We believe that no enterprise should do a manual task that can be automated. Therefore, we have created and developed multiple offerings, namely GST API's, web application and managed services, to tackle this. We have made sure that these solutions are developed to make your GST compliance hassle-free.

  1. APIs are for enterprises building their own solution or purchasing 3rd party solution. These GST APIs can help companies directly connect with GST servers.
  2. Our Managed service solution is for companies looking to outsource complete GST compliances– we will take care of every bit of GST compliance– making sure that compliance is truly hassle-free.
  3. Our GST Software, autoTax, is built for enterprises looking for a solution that integrates with any mainstream ERP or works on the web as well as mobile as a standalone application allowing for maximum productivity per employee

Some of the features autoTax GST Software offers are:


An enterprise cannot reconcile their returns with that of vendors to claim 100% Input Tax Credit. However, autoTax provides reconciliation feature through which an enterprise can easily claim the accurate input tax credit.

Business Management

In Government portal enterprises have to care for multiple ID and Password for different Business Unit but through autotax they can handle all business and business unit using a single login.

Create Invoice

An enterprise cannot create a GST compliant invoice using GST portal. But with the help of autoTax, an enterprise can easily create GST compliant invoices.

User Management

Through autoTax, an enterprise can create a multi-layer user (Master Admin>Account Admin> Account User) and give appropriate permission to a different user.

Supplier Directory and Customer Directory

An enterprise can add all their suppliers' detail (GSTIN, Business Name, Contact No, Email, Name, Address etc.,) manually or through Excel import feature. Similarly, customer directory can also be created.

Item Directory

An enterprise can also include the list of Goods/Services with a fixed rate of sale or purchase manually or through Excel import feature. Further, they can also create item code which helps while creating invoices.

Invoice list and validation

In Government portal, after filing GSTR-1 - A taxpayer can't get List of invoices which has been uploaded through the offline utility. While in autoTax GST Software we take care of all of the invoices which have imported with duplicacy flags such as uploaded/not-uploaded.

Apart from this, we have three-layer validation check in autoTax GST Application which minimizes to reduce any kind of data error.

Three-layer validation as listed below:-

  • While importing the data, autoTax GST Software detects mistakes in the calculation of tax, GSTIN validation etc..:- The flagged invoices can be viewed on the correction page. An enterprise can correct them on the same page or they can modify their data in excel and then can upload in autoTax again.
  • After importing data in autoTax we are validating invoices with business details
  • Finally, we upload it on GST portal.

Why Purchase from Us?

We acknowledge that every enterprise shall enjoy the benefit from this amazing tax revolution. With autoTax in place, we believe an organization should work less, work easier and work accurately with the help of GST compliance automation.

Some of the large enterprises in India have trusted us and already automated their GST and E-Way Bill compliances. Join the growing list of enterprises choosing to go for a solution built to befit your regular GST compliance needs.

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Use GST API to build your own GST compliance application.

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