How to Add a Business and Business Unit on autoTax GST Software?

Team Masters India
Team Masters India at April 27, 2022

Adding Business on autoTax GST Software

To add a business on autoTax GST Software you need to follow these simple steps

STEP - 1:   Login into autoTax GST Software using valid credentials and captcha image.

GST Software

STEP - 2:   After the successful login a homepage will appear.

GST Software STEP - 3:   Scroll down from the sidebar and click Business Management option.

GST SoftwareSTEP - 4:   Then click on Add Business option form the pull-down menu.

GST Software STEP - 5:   You will be redirected to a new page wherein you need to fill all the mandatory fields and Click SAVE to add your Business on autoTax portal.

GST Software STEP - 6:   After the successful creation of business you can view your business by clicking on the View Business present in the Business Management pull down bar.

GST Software STEP - 7:   You can Edit and Delete the business using the view business option

GST Software To add a subsequent business you have to follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Adding Business Unit on autoTax GST Software

After adding a business you can easily add a business unit on autoTax, you just need to follow the following procedure.

STEP - 1:   Login into autoTax using valid id, password and captcha image.

autoTax GST Software STEP - 2:   Select Business Management option from the side bar.

GST Software STEP - 3:   Click on Add Business Unit option from the pull down bar present on Business Management

autoTax GST SoftwareSTEP - 4:   After clicking on that option you need to add details about your business unit on Business Unit Profile and after furnishing the details click Save and Next

autoTax GST SoftwareautoTax GST Software STEP - 5:   After saving a new window will open showing Business DSC/E-sign. You need to add and upload DSC or E-sign as the case may be and valid PAN number. Then click on Save and Next option.

autoTax GST Software STEP - 6:  A new page will open after saving the DSC/E-sign information showing Associate User there in you can Add an Intra State Locations using Add Intra State Location option and can associate the user as per the location using the Add Associate User option

autoTax GST Software STEP - 7:   Now you can view your added business unit in the View business option present in the Business Management.

autoTax GST SoftwareTo add a new business unit on you have to follow the same steps.

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