Time Limit To Issue Invoices, Credit Notes And Debit Notes under GST

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at June 21, 2022

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) model law defines specific time limits within which tax invoices, debit notes, and GST credit note time limit have to be issued. Every taxpayer needs to adhere to these timelines and be aware of how these time limits are applied in different cases. In this article, we will briefly discuss:

Time Limit To Issue GST Invoices In Case Of Supply Of Goods

Supply of goods in standard cases

Every GST registered person who supplies goods taxable goods has to issue a GST compliant invoice with the description, value, and quantity of goods, the amount of tax charged on the goods, and any other prescribed particulars. The time frame available to issue these invoices is - In the case of:

Supply that needs the movement of goods

The GST invoice has to be issued before removing the goods from the supplier's place of business. In other words, the invoice here has to be issued before the goods are sent to the buyer.

Supply when there is no movement of goods

The GST invoice should be issued on or before the date of delivery of the goods.

Continuous supply of goods

When there are successive statements of accounts issued and consecutive payments are involved, the supply is considered as a continuous supply. Here the invoices have to be issued before or at the time when each statement is issued or before each payment is received.

Time Limit To Issue Credit Note And Debit Note

Time limit to issue credit note under GST for fy 2020-21 or time limit to issue debit note under GST. To understand this, we must first understand what the terms ‘Credit Note’ and ‘Debit Note’ mean. When goods supplied to the consumer are returned, or the value of the invoice is revised because the goods/services do not match the required standards, then a credit note or debit note is issued by the receiver or the supplier of the goods or services. There are two prominent cases in which a credit note or debit note are issued:

  • When the amount that the buyer has to pay to the seller reduces. - Here, a credit note in GST time limit is to be issued.
  • When the amount that the buyer has to pay to the seller increases. - Here, a Debit note is to be issued.

Credit Notes and Debit Notes should be issued:

  • On or before the 30th day of September of the financial year, which follows the year in which the goods or services were offered or
  • On or before the date on which the relevant annual returns for the financial year are filed - whichever of the two is earlier.

An important point to remember here is that GST Annual Return has to be filed under section 30(2) latest by the 31st of December of the financial year, which comes after the relevant financial year. Example: If the annual return is filed by 29 September, the last date to issue credit/debit notes will be 29 September.

Time Limit To Issue GST Invoices In Case Of Supply Of Services

In the case of services, the tax invoice can be issued before or after the provision of the service. Here, it is important to note that if the invoice is to be issued after the service is provided, then it must be done within 30 days from the date of supply of service. This limit of 30 days is modified to 45 days if the service provider is an insurer/banking company/financial institution or NBFC.

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