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Convert PDF to Excel Free by Using PDF to XLS Converter Online

Shyam Paliwal
Shyam Paliwal at April 08, 2023

CONVERT PDF to Excel Online 

Convert any PDF either scanned or regular to Excel Instantly, With PDF to Excel Converter Online. Simplify your document work with our powerful conversion tool and get more done in less time.

No registration is required to Convert your PDF files to Excel spreadsheets online

Why Convert PDF To Excel?

Supplier share invoices to business in PDF form and the edit of PDF file is difficult, so the conversion of pdf to excel is required as the invoice contain the information of line item which could be many in number so the entry of line item is a time-consuming task and thi task has many problems one is time-consuming, other is data entry error, third is the effort of manpower and it should be on time as a business receives the invoices in bulk they could be in 1000 or many more per day, depending upon the supplier a business deals and business size.

Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, Businesses can extract data from pdf to excel in a few seconds,  there is no limitation of the number of files and also of the number of pages a pdf file contains. OCR solution will give you the PDF to excel conversion instantly once you upload the file into it.

Convert PDF to Excel

You are free to use any template or any invoice format in this tool to get the response of PDF file to excel online. Whatever you need, get it done easily with our PDF to Excel converter free.

It will make Teamwork Easy

This tool will make the data export from PDF to Excel easy and you can share that excel file with your teammates and they can be made edit in the same file easily. So this tool the collaboration with teammates easily on a doc.

PDF to Excel — the Quick Way

The best pdf to excel converter software tool is easy to use and very user-friendly no training is required to use it, just upload the file and get the response in a spreadsheet or excel.

Work With Scanned Documents

Our OCR can extract text from PDF to Excel using advanced text extraction technology (OCR +ICR and intelligent text recognition). You can upload any scanned document and then save it either in PDF or Image format then upload the scanned file in this solution and get the response in excel.

How To Convert PDF to Excel for Free

Follow these easy steps to turn a PDF document into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Visit Masters India OCR Solution
  2. Click on Try Now
  3. Upload or Just Drag & drop your PDF into the converter above
  4. Wait for 10 sec to convert your PDF to an editable Excel sheet or XLS

PDF to Excel or XLS Conversion is Simplified

  1. Data Accuracy of  best pdf to excel converter online 
    Business can Export their Invoice PDF data to an Excel spreadsheet without worrying about the quality. Masters India PDF to excel OCR will extract the whole data into the excel sheet accurately, without changing the value. it not only extracts the data from the Digital PDF docs but also from the pdf doc that contains the handwritten.

  2. Convert PDF to Excel, Anywhere
    This is an online tool that converts PDF to excel online and this tool can be accessed from anywhere over any device like a mobile or computer.
  3. Convert Multiple Files in One Go
  4. Multi-page pdf can is converted at the same time or Multiple page PDF, you can try different types of PDF that have pages either one or more than one - you can upload this combination here in this tool and convert PDF to excel. Try it without registration.
  5. Security checks - Masters India OCR PDF To Excel Conversion Is Safe - your file & data is safe with the Masters India tool.
    1. ISO 27001 - Your data is safe with us, we’re audited annually for our ISO 27001 certification.
    2. SSL  - SSL Security provides you with Secure PDF to Excel Conversion online from anywhere.
  6. Device - You can use any computer, smartphone or tablet! To convert pdf to excel. All you need for it is an internet connection. So the file can be uploaded on it.
  7. Real-time -You can convert the PDF to excel in real-time, there is no need to wait for an hour/or day just simply upload and get the response in the excel sheet.
  8. PDF Converter To Excel Online
    To convert the pdf you don't need to install any solution or App into your system or device it is an online tool helps you to extract the file from pdf to excel. just your converted Excel spreadsheet is downloaded.

The Use Case for Convert PDF to Excel Online - For Free and Wherever You Want

Following are the use case where PDF to excel conversion will be best.

Businesses can use it for Invoices

This pdf to excel online is best suitable for businesses or enterprises who have large volumes of invoices or pdf files whose data they want to convert PDF to excel easily, It could be useful to all types of industries, manufacturing companies banking & finance and best suitable for all industries accounts payable, finance & accounts team. Who deals in procurement & Invoice data?


Give 90 - 95 % accurate extraction on invoices in case of service & for goods it captures 99% capture of invoice data

It will Save 90% time per invoice entry

An invoice entry takes 10 minutes of time if an Invoice contains 3 to 4 line items, but this could be half an hour to 1 hour if the invoice contains 20 - 30 line items, then consistency and data entry error is other problems that business has to face.

Safe & Secure

Masters India OCR is safe & Secure, it has security check or - ISO & SSL.

Masters India OCR can be used for PDF to excel conversion

Masters India Invoice OCR is  AIML based algorithm that can handle any invoice format and automagically capture invoice key-value pair and line item data with high accuracy.

Below Field data, it will extract  from the invoice are listed below

Invoice number
Po number
Payment term
E-waybill number
Vehicle number
Document type
Invoice date
Payment due date
Buyer name
Buyer gstin
Buyer pan number
Buyer address
Ship to name
Shipping address
Ship to gstin
Place of supply
Supplier name
Supplier gstin
Supplier pan_number
Supplier address
Supplier phone
Supplier email
Total taxable
Total discount amount
Total cgst rate
Total sgst rate
Total igst rate
Total cgst amount
Total sgst amount
Total igst amount
Cess rate
Total cess amount
Invoice amount
Other charges
Bank name
Account number

Table Data
Item sku
Item code
Item hsn
Item description
Item quantity
Item uom
Item unit price
Item taxable value
Item discount rate
Item discount value
Item cgst rate
Item sgst rate
Item igst rate
Item cgst value
Item sgst value
Item igst value

Benefits of this PDF to Excel conversion for Invoice document

  • You can convert multiple pdf to excel at once.
  • You can convert multip page pdf data into excel.
  • You can extract the data from the invoice into excel in seconds.
  • Premium functionality to help you work smarter with PDF and Excel.
  • Convert pdf into excel for all the invoices you receive in your inbox.
  • Maintain the quality of fonts, colour & data with this industry-leading PDF to Excel conversion solution.
  • Improve your Invoice Processing Performance.

Now, pdf to excel converter free available. Just get more from PDF to Excel with a FREE trial of Masters India OCR. Start your free trial today – no credit card required!


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