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All You Need to Know About GST Suvidha Kendra

Sakshi Jain
Sakshi Jain at March 14, 2023

Know About GST Suvidha Kendra

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was launched as a technological catalyst to economic development. However, due to lack of knowledge, most of India’s population couldn’t quite get the hang of it, due to which a lot of confusion and doubt still exists in the minds of the people. The government recognized this disarray and introduced GST Suvidha Kendra (GSK) as a go-to center all around the country. In this article, we will give you answers of all your doubts and questions like is gst suvidha kendra government approved, gst suvidha kendra is govt or private, is gst suvidha kendra genuine, gst suvidha kendra is real or fake.

What is a GST Suvidha Kendra?

GST Suvidha Kendra is a help center which is approved by a GST Suvidha Provider (GSP) to provide Suvidha Kendra services and consultation facilities to people. A GST Suvidha Center provide all sorts of services, from GSTIN registration to GST return filing. They are installed to attend to the GST Compliance requirements of mainly businesses, but are available for any taxpayer’s needs. GSKs make it extremely easy and cost-effective to comply with the norms of GST for all taxpayers in need. Here, one can file their returns without having to incur the costs of installing their own systems or hiring employees to do the same thing every month. Experts at GSK will cater to the needs of the taxpayers and sort out their issues to easily comply under GST at a minimal rate.

These centers are still sprouting at an increasing rate across the nation, as many people are getting authorization from GSPs to install their own GSKs. One such GSK is Masters India Suvidha Kendra (MISK), which is certified to authorize the installation of your GSK.

About Masters India Suvidha Kendra

Masters India is a GSP and Application Service Provider (ASP) which has been licensed authentic by the Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) of India. It provides services that help comply with the new GST norms by offering services and solutions across the nation.

Masters India Suvidha Kendra is a GST Suvidha Kendra provided to an owner once s/he gets the authorization from the company. It was initially launched as a regular GST Suvidha Kendra to provide services and consultancy to businesses and individuals regarding GST. Eventually, it grew to offer many more professional services.

The services offered by Masters India Suvidha Kendra are:

  • Taxation Services: These include GST Registration, GSTR-1, GSTR-3B, GSTR-4, GSTR-6, GSTR-9, E-Way Bill Generation, and ITR Filing and Auditing.
  • Accounting and Compliance Services: These are Book-keeping, Trademark Registration, Patent Filing, Annual Secretarial Compliance, DIR-3, FSSAI License, ISO Certification, PSARA License, and Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) Registration.
  • Legal Services: Services like issuing Legal Notice, Business Agreements, Rent Agreement, Udyog Aadhaar, Property Registration, Company Incorporation, Service Level Agreements, etc., come under this category.
  • Digital Services: These include One-Page Website Creation, Online Business Listing, Social Media Marketing, Logo Creation, E-mail Marketing, Web/Mobile App Development, etc.

Benefits of Opening a Masters India Suvidha Kendra

The features listed above clearly highlight the benefits you can acquire by opening a MISK. However, there are various advantages of opening a GST Suvidha Kendra as a MISK:

  • Have Your Own Corporate Brand Name: Opening a MISK will allow you the freedom to own a small business with the advantages of a big business network.
  • No Need for Experience: Prior business experience will not be demanded to run a franchisee. You can operate on your business model while getting training from Masters India.
  • Support System: Along with the Kendra, opening a MISK will get you a training system which will support you to develop your franchisee in your own way and propel towards its success.
  • License Authorization: Once your training is complete, you will receive an authorized license from the company as a Kendra Operator.
  • Expert Advisory: Opening a MISK will offer you consultation based on strategy to improve your customer base and introduce new services to expand your business.
  • Kendra Management System (KMS): Operators are also provided access to the Masters India KMS which includes services like an Intuitive Dashboard, User Management, Role Management, Coordinator Management, Service Management, Price Management, Revenue Management, Payment Integration, Knowledge Management, and an exclusive Brand Name.


Who Can Open a MISK and How?

Opening any GSK has certain requirements that need to be fulfilled. Not everyone is permitted to open a GSK at any given place. Every GSP has its own set of rules, including the minimum requirement to opening a Kendra. Before opening a MISK, you need to make sure that you fulfil the following requirements:

  • Kendra Owner/Operator (runs daily operations; can be the owner or designated representative) should be a graduate with a college degree.
  • Operator/Owner should know the basics of Accounting, Computers, and MS Excel.
  • Owner should have a minimum of 100 sq. ft. of commercial space which is around 4 km from the business hub.
  • Owner should have basic facilities, especially IT infrastructure (2 Computers, 1 Printer/Scanner, 2 mbps Internet Connection), along with furniture and other resources within commercial space.
  • The owner can be an individual with a commercial license or a company/ firm.
  • It is preferred, but not compulsory, that the owner has prior business or sales experience.

If you fulfil the eligibility criteria, then you can easily open an MISK of your own. To open your MISK, you just need to make an application on the Masters India website. All applications are reviewed and reverted, depending on the eligibility of each. If your application is accepted, you will be provided a franchisee as MISK. You will be given their MISK Management Software Application which has in-built validation rates for GST Filing and will help in managing your Kendra for you. If you are not willing to pay any charges then you can apply as a GST Practitioner which will also allow you to do the same with the GST Practitioner License.

Considering the benefits of opening a GSK, it looks like a profitable investment in every sense possible. Since its introduction, people across the country have started opening their own GSKs and it has shown its perks. Due to lack of technological knowledge, people are looking for such centers which can help them with the GST Compliance process. Therefore, opening a GST Suvidha Kendra with Masters India will definitely prove to be a beneficial investment to all.

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