The Karmatik effect of GST

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 22, 2023

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Humming to myself, I sauntered my way through the bazaar with a spring in my step and a smile on my face. The day was bright, the sky was clear, the air cozily crisp, and, now that I come to think of it as I looked around, something was different, something definitely unusual… I glanced at my wristwatch:  8.50 am. Well, on other days you would’ve noticed that the bazaar at this time remained almost closed; only paan dukans and street sellers were the first-comers, the shops did not open until 10.00 am. Now, however, the shops had already opened, vendors bustled about busily, people hurried along their way, a pleasant sort of tension suffused the ambience. Even Gaurav’s shop had opened! As far as I know, my dear, sweet, lazy friend always came to the shop as late as 10.30 am! Curious, I breezed inside to say hello. “Good morning, buddy!” I greeted. Gaurav, busy shuffling through his files, turned around and smiled, “A very good morning, Saurav!” “Or Kya Chal raha Hai (What’s going on)?” I said. Gaurav winked and said jauntily, “GST’s going on! The mighty winds of GST have swept us off our feet!” “Ha ha, GST!” I said, and added, “I can see that…it’s nothing short of a miracle to see you tip-top in the shop as early as 9.00 am!” Gaurav laughed, “Tell you what? GST has been provoking us to “Get up, Start & Throw ourselves into the change!” “Whoa, smart abbreviation,” I remarked, “So you are definitely shaking hands with the good guy GST with all enthusiasm, huh?” “Full on! Yes!” Gaurav punched his hand in the air, “Initially I worried, and had qualms about it. But for a lazy fellow like me, I needed a change. In fact, we all needed a change, a deep change in the depths of our hearts and soul! Didn’t we? It wouldn’t be wrong to say – every citizen of this country -125 Crore people – knew in their hearts that it’s really a high time for some Real Change. And here we are, GST!” “Exactly! Goods and Services Tax has created a stir in the air, you can feel the change coursing through your blood. People say GST will impactfully transform the economy of our country.” Gaurav smiled his twisted smile and said, “Well, I disagree…” I was puzzled, “You disagree? I mean, you just said you are happy with it.” “I am. It’s just that GST’s not only gonna transform our economy,” Gaurav winked, “but will bring about a drastic change in our personal lives as well!” “How come?” “I’ve given it a thought and love to call it as “Karma-tik effect of GST!” “Karma? You mean action and deeds?” I was all ears to know more. Gaurav went on, “You see…gone are the days when people used to carry on their trade and profession without caring for the taxes. We all had an inherent mentality that Taxes were a treacherous form of collection by the Government from the common people. And taxes on taxes- the curse of cascading- were a real torture. But not anymore. GST, coming in with the concept of One Nation, One Market, One Tax complemented with Swacch Bharat Abhiyan, Make in India and Digitization, prices will come down, Rupee value will go up. And we realize we do have a duty to our nation. The GST collected from us are not taxes but “Contributions to the All round Development of the country in every arena". The fragrance of this noble thought has charmed us all, motivating us to do our Karmas, our actions, for the betterment of our nation. India is a Golden Bird, with an abundance of Wealth and Riches. The trouble is these treasures have always been disproportionate and hidden under the cloud of Black Economy. GST is the real solution to blow away the black clouds and let the sunlight shine in. GST will cause ‘Generous Sharing of Treasure’ across our Country. With this generous sharing of treasure, our Natural resources will thrive, Socio-Economy will soar. Ah…yes, another abbreviation flashes in my mind: Green and Social Tax!” “Amazingly phrased and abbreviated,” I said, “That’s why the entire bazaar is open. The entire county has leapt into action and working hard to adopt GST, restructuring their old ways, shunning aside old methods, adopting personal and financial discipline in their lives! It’s a revolution! We are changing!” Gaurav resumed, “We are, indeed! GST will come down heavily on corruption too! Since every transaction will be digitized, simplified and streamlined, the bureaucratic procedures will be done away with and ease of doing business will be facilitated and fostered. Corrupt practices will be cut, honest practices will crop up. Good karmas will follow, giving way to Good Kismet!” “Right. In fact, since everything will be traced, trailed and tracked, it’s a really a Good and Simple Tax as our PM Shri Narendra Modiji beautifully puts it.  One might even call GST as Great System of Tracking!” I remarked. Gaurav chuckled, “Jolly Good. These Good Karmas will have a Butterfly Effect in the long run.” “Butterfly effect?” I asked, curiously amused. Gaurav enthused, “The Smallest of the Changes brings forth the Biggest of the Consequences! It’s a proven theory by the scientists: A small butterfly flapping its wings causes a slight disturbance in the air around it. Scientists were bewildered beyond words when they found that, sometimes, millions of small butterflies flapping their wings in the right angle and direction cause collective turbulence in the air which could lead to tornadoes and drastic weather changes!” “Whoa! The little, beautiful butterfly sounds as powerful as Bahubali!” I exclaimed in surprise. “Right, yes! So think. GST has compelled us all to do our Karmas. No matter how small a change we bring in us, the collective Good Karmas of 125 Crore people is sure to foster magnificently and yield mighty results in the long run for the future generations to come! Of course, we all resist changes. But we will soon get along quite well with it. We just need to keep flapping our wings!” “Bang on the target. The butterfly effect!” I agreed, quite bowled by the concept, “It’s gonna turn our lives around!” As I bade goodbye to my friend, I had a winning smile on my face and felt the Karmatik effect of GST washing upon me. I was all set to do my Karmas and change myself. I took a deep breath and inhaled the air of hope and suddenly another abbreviation dawned on to me, “GST! Get Set Turn Your Life!”

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