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Free Image to Text Converter and Exract Text From Images

Shyam Paliwal
Shyam Paliwal at March 03, 2023


What Is the Image to Text Converter?

Image to text is way through computer vision and natural language processing techniques to convert an image into a corresponding text description. It is also known as optical character recognition (OCR) or Image to text converter or Image to text recognition. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as reading text from images, documents, license plates, photos you clicked, Invoice or Payment receipts and many more and can be used to improve productivity, and accessibility and save time.

How Image to Text Converter Online Work?

  1. Upload your image, no matter if it's a PNG, JPG, JPEG, or other.
  2. The language of the text in your image. English)
  3. After clicking on "Start" you can download or view your extracted text as a response.

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Understand in detail how OCR Extract text from images: step by step understand how Image to text conversion takes place.

  1. A tool that converts images with text into editable text documents is known as an Image to text converter. Optical character recognition (OCR) is a decades-old technique that has recently improved in usability and accessibility due to the development of internet applications.
  2. The first step in the OCR process is to digitise the source image. The image is then subjected to several image-processing algorithms, each of which aims to improve the image and the text's visibility. This may entail reducing noise, modifying the brightness and contrast, and aligning the image.
  3. Following pre-processing, the OCR programme examines the image and tries to identify the text contained within. This is accomplished by matching the image's shapes and patterns to a character set or predefined collection of characters. 
  4. To extract text from the image, The identified text will be saved as a text file by the programme or algorithm. The photo to text converter shows the user the output or result of the identified text in the final response.

Features of Image to Text Converter

Free to use

Capturing text from images is totally free up to a limit from Masters India Image to Text Converter. You don't have to spend money to try it free and don't require any registration as well, you can simply upload images and extract data.

AI-Based Extraction

To make this Data extraction accurate we powered it with AI and Ml capabilities, so it will be worthy for you to use and get as much accurate data as possible. Our Image to Text Converter is powered with Tesseract-OCR - an open-source OCR engine developed by HP, funded and maintained by Google. It performs AI-based extraction of text to provide upto100% accuracy.

Results in Text File or JSON

Once extraction or data capturing is complete you can see the response in the field as text or in JSON form also, this response you can use as per your need you can copy both types of results and use them. 

Multiple Files at One Go

You can use multiple and different types of Images in this Image to Text Converter tool and get the response of all the files separately instantly at one go.

Multiple Image Formats

Our Image to Text Converter tool supports multiple image formats such as JPG JPEG PNG, etc. You don’t need to worry about the extension of the image.

Why use Masters India Image to Text Converter?

Here are the best reasons that motivate you to use an image to text converter online:

Formats JPG, PNG, JPEG, PDF and more Convert images, scanned documents, and photos to editable text.
Result Highly accurate, Exact image to text conversion
Price Free Trial  - No registration required, up to 100+ images
Languages English
  • Your 90% of data entry Time
  • Save your Invoice processing money
Improves Employee Work Efficiency and Productivity -Save your workforce from typing & retyping
Suitable For Business in Processing Invoices
Installation No installation required
Country Global

When to Use Image to Text Converter

Benefits  first of using Photo to Text converter – understand Why it is important: There is a variety of reasons to use this image text converter online, some of them are listed below:

To Make Data Entry Easy

for businesses or Enterprises using the erp and the data entry is too time taking from the handwritten invoice or docs or images that continent he text that is not clearly visible which increases the chances of error, OCR API will make this data entry task easy by simply integrating on to the ERP.

To Save Time & Efforts

Productivity needs more time and with this photo to text converter, companies can save their precious time by converting scanned images of Invoices into editable text and save the response into their system, Invoice OCR will save time and reduce errors from manual typing.

To Boost your business productivity

You can extract text from all your business documents and store them in one place. You can assign a path to OCR software so it will automatically pick the files from there and extract the text from images. This will reduce the data entry work and other manual work as well.

To Make Collaboration Easy

This photo to text converter will make collaboration among the team member easy because it makes text extraction easy and sharable to team members. Just convert download and share.

Where Image to text converter usage required?

Below are the best use cases where this image to text converter will be most useful -

  1. Data Entry will become much easier with this photo to Text converter. You just need to capture the photo manually of the invoice or receipt and use this Image to text converter online to Extract text from the image  
  2. Accounts payable Process of business to make the entry of invoices
  3. Banking where large amounts of receipts
  4. Manufacturing units where goods receive take places
  5. Logistics industries such as trucking, delivery etc.

Who can use Image to text converter

  1. All Industries can use it to extract the text from their financial statements or documents
  2. Manufacturing companies
  3. Tech companies 


An image to text converter, also called Photo to text converter, Extract text from an image through (OCR) software, which is a tool that turns images with text into editable text documents. image to text converter online uses image processing algorithms to make the image and text easier to see. It then tries to figure out what the text is by matching the shapes and patterns in the image to a character set. 

Our Image to Text Converter Online

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