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GST Analyst - Your Go-To Expert To Verify GSTIN Details

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 16, 2023

Masters India Helps You to Verify GSTIN through GST Analyst App

GST related frauds are on the rise. To ensure that you and your business are not at risk, it is imperative to verify your GST registered supplier/vendor/customer’s genuineness at the very beginning. The possibilities of mismatch in GSTIN details or irregular GST compliance history needs to be ruled out. To help you in these challenging times, we at Masters India have developed a handy mobile Application called ‘GST Analyst’. This App can be - downloaded for free and used by anyone, anywhere at any time.  All that you need is the GSTIN of the stakeholder you wish to know about. In this article, we will walk you through the App’s features and explain the procedure to use it.

What Is A GSTIN?

GSTIN stands for GST Identification Number. It is also called the GST number. This GSTIN is a 15-digit PAN-based unique identification number that is allotted to every person registered under GST. The structure of the GSTIN is as follows:

  • The first 2 characters represent the state code of the GST registered person,
  • The next 10 characters are the PAN of the GST registered person,
  • The thirteenth character denotes the entity number of the PAN,
  • The fourteenth character is alphabet Z by default and
  • The last character is a check code which may be an alphabet or numerical.

What Is ‘GST Analyst’?

‘GST Analyst’ is powered by Masters India, a recognised GST Suvidha Provider that simplifies and automates GST compliances for over 400+ businesses since its inception. GST Analyst is GST on Mobile and helps businesses verify any GSTINs details instantly. It’s compact size and features are for sure one of a kind.

GST Analyst

Download GST Analyst Here!

Features Of ‘GST Analyst’

As mentioned above, any person can use this Application to verify any GSTINs health and compliance history. That means all that the user needs is the GSTIN. With the GST Analyst and unique GST registration number (GSTIN), you can:

  • Search for a GST registered person’s details.
  • View the updated GST profile of the GSTIN (Name, address, jurisdiction, taxpayer type, the constitution of business and date of registration).
  • Inspect the GST Return Filing status in detail since the beginning (from FY 2017-18).

Furthermore, this App is unique in its class because:

  • It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for FREE.
  • The App does not prompt for a detailed signup process. A valid mobile number will suffice to get started.
  • The user experience is flawless and self-explanatory.
  • There are no ads!
  • Your search history is kept confidential.


How To Download And Use GST Analyst?

 GST on Mobile: GST Analyst

  • Step 4: Validate your Mobile Number with the OTP received.

GST on Mobile: GST Analyst

  • Step 5: Enter the relevant GSTIN.
  • Step 6: By clicking on search, you will be able to view the GSTIN’s profile within seconds.

GST on Mobile: GST Analyst


GST on Mobile: GST Analyst
GST on Mobile: GST Analyst

Users can click on “GST Return Status’ to check the return filing history (Yearly/Monthly).

GST on Mobile: GST Analyst
GST on Mobile: GST Analyst
GST on Mobile: GST Analyst

With these details at your fingertips, you can surely do the first level of scrutiny to ensure that you are dealing with genuine GST registered dealers/customers.

Why Should You Use GST Analyst?

If you are dealing with anonymous/unknown/faceless vendors, suppliers, and customers, this App will surely come in handy. It will help you and your team verify these stakeholders’ authenticity while you are on the move or remotely. Furthermore, by confirming a GSTIN’s details, you can avoid:

  • GSTIN misuse
  • GST frauds
  • Fake invoice issues, and much more.

We strongly believe that any change in the structure of the GSTIN would mean that the GSTIN is incorrect, and the invoice can also be a fake one. This App will help you rule out these possibilities.

Download the App and get your own GST Analyst today!


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