Form CMP-08: Due Date, Eligibility Criteria, Penalty and Format

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at May 21, 2023

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Form GST CMP 08 was introduced in April 2019 for composition dealer replacing the GSTR-4 for the FY 2019-2020. Here are some of the main topics of CMP-08 Form.

What is Form CMP-08?

CMP-08 is a form that declares the composition dealer summary of his/her self-assessed taxable amount for a particular quarter. In addition to this, it also acts as challan to make payment of taxes.

Who needs to file CMP-8 Form?

To make quarterly payment of taxes, every composition dealer registered under GST has to file this CMP-08 Form.

What is CMP 08 due date of filing Form?

The CMP-08 due date for filing CMP-08 Form is on or before the 18th of the month succeeding the quarter of an F.Y. (Financial Year).

Return Period Due-Date
April-June 18th July*
July-Sept 18th Oct
Oct-Dec 18th Jan
Jan-Mar Jan-Mar

*Note: The due date for filing CMP08 in GST has been extended to 31st July 2019 for April to June quarter.

What are the consequences for not filing CMP-08 Form within the prescribed due date?

In case if a composition dealer fails to furnish the CMP-08 Form within the due date then he/she will be liable to pay the penalty of 200 INR per day (100 INR CGST and 100 INR SGST/UTGST). As per the IGST ACT, the CMP-08 late fees calculator for filing CMP-08 Form is same as CGST and SGST. In simple words, the penalty for composition dealer under the IGST Act is 200 INR per day too.

Note: The maximum CMP 08 late fee amount of penalty for late filing can be 5,000 INR calculated from the due date of filing CMP-08 Form to the actual filing date of CMP-08.

Format of CMP-08 Form

CMP-08 Form has 4 major parts and they are:

1. In the very first part of CMP-08 Form, the GST Composition scheme holder has to fill his GSTIN or GST Number in the CMP-08 Form.

Form GST CMP 08

2. The legal name and trade name will be auto-filled.

Form GST CMP 08

3. In the 3rd Part of the CMP-08 Form, the composition dealer has to furnish the self-assessed liability.

Form GST CMP 08

4. The last part of Form CMP-08 deals with the verification of the composition dealer. In this part of CMP-08 Form, either the taxpayer or his representative has to verify the form with his DSC (Digital signature).

Form GST CMP 08    

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