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e-KYC For Existing Taxpayers On GST Portal

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at September 28, 2023


The GSTN has enabled the Aadhaar Authentication/e-KYC facility for Taxpayers on the GST portal. Though this KYC authentication is optional as of now, Taxpayers are advised to complete e KYC documents for GST registration at the earliest. Taxpayers can take to complete the Aadhaar Authentication. However, in some instances, the signatories may not have an Aadhaar.

In these cases, the Government has given the Taxpayers an option to complete the authentication process for GST KYC authentication or GST e KYC verification. In this article, we will list out the steps the Taxpayers can take to complete the authentication process of GST KYC update for GST registration, in the next few steps you'll come to know how to do e KYC in the GST portal.

  • Step 1: Log in to the GST portal.
  • Step 2: A pop-up appears. Here, select ‘YES, NAVIGATE TO MY PROFILE’.


e-KYC For Existing Taxpayers On GST Portal


  • Step 3: After the Taxpayer clicks on ‘YES, NAVIGATE TO MY PROFILE’’, he/she will be navigated to the ‘My Profile’ page. Here, a new tab called ‘Aadhaar Authentication Status’ has been enabled. If you are thinking about how to upload e-KYC documents in the GST portal. So, by clicking on this tab, the Taxpayer can ‘UPLOAD E-KYC DOCUMENTS’.


e-KYC For Existing Taxpayers On GST Portal


  • Step 4: The colour of the tab will change from blue to green, and the details of both the Promoter/ Partner and Primary Authorized Signatory will be displayed.


e-KYC For Existing Taxpayers On GST Portal


Here, select the ‘Type of E-KYC Document’ from the drop-down list. The options available are:

  • Aadhaar enrolment number
  • Passport
  • EPIC (Voter ID card)
  • KYC Form for GST
  • Identifying a certificate issued by a Competent Authority
  • Other

Furthermore, we'll also provide information on how to update KYC in the GST portal, how to do KYC on the GST portal and documents eKYC GST portal in the next paragraph.

Note: JPG and PDF file formats are only accepted.


e-KYC For Existing Taxpayers On GST Portal


  • Step 5: Click on ‘UPLOAD DOCUMENTS’.


e-KYC For Existing Taxpayers On GST Portal


  • Step 6: Once the upload is completed, a confirmation message is displayed. Click on ‘OK’.


e-KYC For Existing Taxpayers On GST Portal




  • Once the documents are uploaded, an ARN is generated and shared with the Tax Official. The Tax Official can either approve or reject the documents.
  • If the Tax Official approves the documents of eKYC on the GST portal for GST registration, the Taxpayer will be considered E-KYC Authenticated and not Aadhaar Authenticated.
  • If the Tax Official rejects the documents, the Taxpayer will again get the same pop-up whenever he/she logs into the GST Portal, and the same procedure will have to be followed again. However, the Taxpayer will have two options- either to Authenticate Aadhaar or Upload E-KYC Documents.

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Brief Summary/Recall

Aadhar Authentication must be completed at the earliest by all businesses. Taxpayers have the option to upload one from among multiple documents to get their e-KYC done. This means that not having an Aadhar is not going to be an issue in obtaining e-kyc for GST. Once the entire process is completed, the Tax Official will either approve the KYC Or reject it. In the latter case, the taxpayer will get the option to Authenticate their Aadhar Or to upload other E-KYC Documents. 

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