Enable GST API Access on GST Portal for Invoice Upload

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at April 03, 2023

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What is API in GST?

The India Goods and Service Tax (GST) API is a restful API providing services for all taxpayer related functionalities. This includes such services as Information on Payment, Filling of Returns, Registration, Ledger Viewing, and more. GST API India using the GST Developer portal, content is provided to help application developers to understand, use, and consume GST API in their applications. In this article we'll talk about API registration in GST, API access in GST, API full form in GST, How to get GST API, enable API access in GST, and about API registration in GST portal.

What is API access in GST Portal?

Therefore, to use these services from autoTax, a user must have to enable GST API access.

– Steps for giving manage API access in gst ASP/GSP for uploading invoices through their portal.

GST Online Portal

  • Step 2 – Now click on “Login” option to proceed.

GST Online Portal

  • Step 3 – Now enter your login credentials.

GST Online Portal Login Credentials

  • Step 4 – After login through your credentials, a user will be redirected to the dashboard page of GST Portal.

GST Online Portal 4

  • Step 5 – Now click on “My Profile”

GST Dashboard Page

  • Step 6 – Clicking on View profile will take you to the profile link.

GST Dashboard Page 1

  • Step 7 – Click on Manage API Access.

GST Dashboard Page 2

  • Step 8 – Clicking on manage API access will take you to the same link where by default it is “No”, now click on “Yes” and select the duration as 30 days from the drop-down menu and click on Confirm.

Manage API Access

Manage API Access 2

Manage API Access 3

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