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How to Convert Handwriting Into Text?

Kamal Sakle
Kamal Sakle at July 10, 2023

Handwriting to Text

Handwriting to Text: As we know many of us still prefer writing down ideas on paper and a pen, even in the digital age. What if you need to convert these handwritten notes into an editable or digital text format? If it is a brief note, you can manually record it. But if you need to do it frequently, it is time to use a handwriting to text converter. There are different convenient ways to use a handwriting to text converter online, which allows you to upload scanned images or photos of your handwritten text and convert it into editable text.

If you're looking for your handwriting converted to text, there are various free and paid tools available online such as handwriting converter or handwriting OCR. Additionally, there are dedicated convert handwriting to text apps specifically designed to convert written notes to text which makes it easier to convert your handwriting to text converter online free directly on your mobile device. Some of these apps even support cursive writing converter to ensure an accurate conversion of different writing styles.

Handwriting to text converter tools use OCR technology to convert handwritten documents into editable text within seconds. By using this convert handwriting to text app, you can scan handwriting to text making it easier to organize and share your ideas. Utilizing handwriting to text tools can help you save time and effort while also creating new opportunities for idea sharing. Simple handwritten notes can be instantly converted to text format using the Image to Text converter, and it is free to try.

By using this free handwriting to text converter app that converts handwriting to text you can easily convert handwriting to text in Word also. Moreover, if you prefer working in Microsoft Word, there are tools and plugins that enable you to convert handwritten notes to text or into digital format within the Word application.

In this article, we will be going to explore the different handwriting to word converter tools that will help you streamline your workflow, convert handwriting to text online and enhance your productivity. Also, we will discuss the pros and cons associated with these tools. These handwriting to text conversion tools provide efficiency and convenience, regardless of whether you are a student, professional, or just looking to digitize your handwritten notes.

What Are the Various Tools for Handwriting to Text?

There are different free as well as paid Handwriting to Text tools available online which are as under.

MastersIndia’s OCR Tool

MastersIndia's Online OCR tool is a web-based platform that allows you to upload scanned documents and convert them into editable text. These services recognize the text using sophisticated algorithms and transform it into a machine-readable format. A tool called online OCR can be used to convert images and extract text from PDF files. You can quickly and easily convert images and PDFs into editable text or machine-readable format using MastersIndia's free online OCR tool. Utilize the online OCR tool by following the instructions following the instructions given below.

The Benefits of Mastersindia’s OCR Tool Include:

  • It is simple to use
  • The user interface is straightforward and attractive
  • Free Online OCR Service is available
  • It allows multiple PDFs to convert into Docs format
  • It is Compatible with all devices like iOS and Android, and PC (Windows\Linux\MacOS)

Drawbacks With MastersIndia’s OCR Tool Include:

  • The images or PDFs cannot be larger than 10MB in size in order to use the free online OCR

Microsoft OneNote

One of the best apps for reading and digitizing handwritten notes is Microsoft OneNote, which is compatible with all devices.  This app has a ton of features for efficient operation and makes excellent use of OCR technology. The OCR technology used by this app is very straightforward, allowing you to focus your valuable time and energy on dealing with other things while leaving the task of turning handwritten notes into text to the app.

The Benefits of Microsoft Onenote Include:

  • It is beneficial to segment and organizes notes simply
  • The notes that need to be addressed or reviewed are flagged by the system
  • It shares and collaborates on the notes with the team members

Drawbacks With Microsoft Onenote Include:

  • Integration with other external platforms is challenging
  • There are a few things that could be added to the notes
  • Advanced features like embeds, linking, full-page elements, etc. are absent
  • Storage space is limited
  • The user interface could be improved a bit more

Office Lens

Microsoft's Office Lens is only compatible with Android-based devices. The Office software suite apps are integrated with this app. Using images from a camera, an office lens can transform an image into text.  It is simple to use this handwriting recognition app. It is simple and easy to convert handwriting to text. There is no need to worry about advertisements because it is also free.

The Benefits of Office Lens Include:

  • Any image can be scanned easily
  • You can download the files or convert them to Word or PDF
  • It has a user-friendly interface

Drawbacks With Office Lens Include:

  • At first, the documents needed to be saved
  • The file must be copied to Acrobat before being attached
  • There are a few options for editing

Small PDF

Another excellent tool for OCR on PDF and other files is Small PDF. You will not find a separate module for this because OCR is actually integrated into the PDF file conversion tool. Because they will assume that the Small PDF online platform does not support OCR, some users may find this to be a turn-off. However, OCR will be available once you start the 'PDF to' file conversion process on the PDF Converter website.

The Benefits of Small PDF Include:

  • It has a user-friendly interface with basic controls
  • It has a wide range of tools for managing PDFs and other types of conversion
  • It is a quick online tool that converts handwriting to text

Drawbacks With Small PDF Include:

  • There is no option for free OCR, but you can use the free trial period (a credit card is required).
  • The quality of the conversions is average.


For Windows users, there is a free app called Photoscan. Windows users can benefit from turning handwriting into text by using PhotoScan. Additionally, it can transform handwritten text into files and documents. It has a lot of features, including a barcode scanner and a QR Code Scanner. Users can also quickly recognize text by using a PC's camera.

The Benefits of Photoscan Include:

  • It is simple to use
  • It has excellent search capabilities
  • The user interface is straightforward and attractive

Drawbacks With Photoscan Include:

  • It is not possible to change the text format
  • It is unable to reverse changes
  • When tasks are added, no notifications are sent
  • There should be more formatting choices available

Adobe Scan

Adobe Scan OCR is a feature that is available on the Android operating system. Using OCR technology, it is used to convert handwriting to text. It is one of the most well-known apps for document scanning and storage is this one, which is also simple to use. It is used to quickly and easily turn handwritten notes into editable text.

The Benefits of Adobe Scan Include:

  • It is useful for combining multiple PDF files into a single PDF document
  • It permits the secure transmission of documents
  • Documents are scaled to make them easier to view

Drawbacks With Adobe Scan Include:

  • While editing, the fonts are not consistent
  • It has a formatting problem
  • The formatting of the text frequently needs to be improved when it is being converted from Word
  • While creating documents, layout problems exist


Another well-liked OCR app for Android is CamScanner. However, only the pro version offers the OCR feature.  Although Camscanner is a well-known document scanning program, only the paid version of the program offers the OCR feature. CamScanner makes it simple to extract text from handwritten scanned PDF images.  It is a fantastic option for handwriting to text conversion because of its simple interface.

The Benefits of Camscanner Include:

  • Less space is required
  • All devices can use it
  • There is a cropping option, as well as modern colour fonts

Drawbacks With Camscanner Include:

  • Users are unable to use features that have not been upgraded to the pro version
  • File transformation requires more time
  • The files on outdated devices might crash
  • To use the free version, you must view Ads

PDF Scanner

PDF Scanner includes a built-in OCR feature that is free to use. It can be used offline as well. It converts handwritten text into text in more than 100 different languages. The handwritten text can also be edited before saving.

The Benefits of a PDF Scanner Include:

  • It is simple to use
  • It can be used with any device
  • It offers the highest level of quality and has a feature for automatically enhancing text and graphics

Drawbacks With PDF Scanner Include:

  • It includes numerous ads
  • To convert an image to text, you must have a premium subscription
  • A subscription is required for the removal of watermarks as well
  • It can be difficult to use cloud-sharing features

Pen to Print

Easy handwriting to text conversion is possible with pen-to-print. It facilitates the creation of text that is searchable, editable, and saveable on any device. Additionally, it aids in translating texts into more than 50 different languages. It is also possible to create texts from images in the form of documents and files.

The Benefits of Pen to Print Include:

  • The OCR document scanning feature is very good
  • It aids in text rewriting for scanned documents
  • OCR settings are highly developed and adaptable
  • It includes top-notch document comparison and editing tools

Drawbacks With Pen to Print Include:

  • Formatting accuracy problems could arise when converting the notes to MS Word or MS Excel.
  • The versioning process might be enhanced.
  • It is necessary to incorporate a preview function so that the documents can be edited.

How to Use MastersIndia’s OCR Tool?

There is no registration fee or cost associated with using Masters India Online OCR. Follow the instructions below to use OCR online.

  1. Upload the files. You can upload files in any format, including multi-page documents and files with multiple pages, PDFs, and images. Images in the JPG, PNG, and PDF formats can be input into this free OCR. Multiple-page documents and multi-column text are supported by PDF OCR.
  2. File conversion - As soon as the file upload is finished, OCR will start processing it and display the extracted response.
  3. Save the converted PDF or Image to a Text file on your computer by clicking on the appropriate link.

Why Use Tools for Text Conversion From Handwriting?

  1. Your handwritten notes can be easily stored and organized if you convert them to digital text.
  2. It can take some time to manually convert handwriting to text. By using intelligent automation, handwriting to text software can help you save time and effort.
  3. With the aid of cutting-edge OCR technology, handwritten characters are accurately recognized by handwriting to text software, which also minimizes conversion errors.
  4. The characters in many different languages can be recognized by handwriting to text software.

A lot of text-from-handwriting software programs integrate with other productivity programs. By doing this, you can easily incorporate documents that were handwritten into your current workflow.


Now that you are aware of the top handwriting conversion apps, you can select the one that best suits your needs. But it is important to first understand your needs before choosing the handwriting to text converter app for your business. Reach out to automation specialists such as MastersIndia if you need to convert a lot of scanned documents to text so they can help you streamline the procedure.


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