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E-Invoice JSON

e-Invoice API Technical Specifications { “$schema”: “http://json-schema.org/draft-04/schema#”, “title”: “GST-India Invoice Document “, “description”: “GST Invoice format for IRN Generation in INDIA”, “TaxSch”: “GST”, “Version”: “1.00”, “Irn”: { “type”: “string”, “maxLength”: 64, “minLength”: 64, “description”: “Invoice Reference No.” }, “TranDtls”: { “type”: “object”, “properties”: { “Catg”: { “type”: “string”, “maxLength”: 3, “enum”: [“B2B”, “B2G”, “EXP”], “description”: … Read moreE-Invoice JSON

E-Invoice JSON Schema

Sample invoice JSON (“data” attribute in request payload JSON shown below) e-Invoice API Technical Specifications { “TaxSch”:”GST”, “Version”:”1.0”, “Irn”:””, “TranDtls”: { “Catg”: “B2B”, “RegRev”: “RG”, “Typ”: “REG”, “EcmTrnSel”: false, “EcmTrn”: “N”, “EcmGstin”: null }, “DocDtls”: { “Typ”: “INV”, “No”: “sadsd”, “Dt”: “2019-11-25”, “OrgInvNo”: null }, “ExpDtls”: { “ExpCat”: null, “WthPay”: null, “ShipBNo”: null, “ShipBDt”: “2019-11-25”, … Read moreE-Invoice JSON Schema

API Presentation – E-Invoice to IRP Proposed Handshake API

Invoice Template   Invoice – Mandatory Info..   E-Invoice JSON – Objects Header Details This section has Tax Scheme, Version, Invoice Reference No. Transaction Details This section has Transaction category, type, Document Details This section has the Document Type, Number, Date etc Seller Details This section contains the Seller GSTIN, Tradename, Address etc Buyer Details This … Read moreAPI Presentation – E-Invoice to IRP Proposed Handshake API