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5 Reasons Why Bookkeeping is Important

Having the capacity to comprehend an organization’s financial position and net income or loss is a crucial task for maintaining a business. Without this information, it’s basically unthinkable for users to make decisions about the system and everyday tasks. Notwithstanding providing important information to the business owner, bookkeeping enables managers to maintain a business effectively … Read more5 Reasons Why Bookkeeping is Important

Bookkeeping Made Easier for Small Businesses

Small business owners consider bookkeeping as a burden and often end up ignoring its importance till the financial year comes to an end. To make this essential procedure easier, this article brings about certain hacks which small businesses can follow so as to simplify their procedure of accurate bookkeeping. This article discusses the following topics: … Read moreBookkeeping Made Easier for Small Businesses

What is Bookkeeping?

We frequently utilize the terms accounting and bookkeeping conversely. Howsoever, in reality, bookkeeping is a part of the accounting procedure that records all the financial transaction. So let us discuss bookkeeping and its disparities with accounting. Bookkeeping Bookkeeping is a process that deals with the activities related to the classification and recording of monetary data … Read moreWhat is Bookkeeping?