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Generation of E-Way Bill in Case of the Supply of Services

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs has published an advisory on September 16, 2021, concerning the generation of the e-way bill where principal supply is the supply of services. The GST Network is the information technology drive for the indirect tax system. It has been announced that no e-way bills (EWB) are required … Read moreGeneration of E-Way Bill in Case of the Supply of Services

Need for GST in India

GST is the most remarkable and ambitious tax reform in India’s post-independence history. Its aim and vision were to levy a single national uniform tax across the nation on all types of goods and services. GST has replaced multiple taxes like sales tax, service tax, etc., which made India more of an integrated national market … Read moreNeed for GST in India

Information Return In GST

Under the CGST act, section 150 asks specified taxpayers to furnish an Information Return. This document is not like the regular GST returns. It is an information statement that helps in verifying the compliance levels of registered persons through information procured from independent third-party sources. Who Should File The Information Return? The information return should … Read moreInformation Return In GST

GST Impact on Rental Income

GST has simplified the indirect tax structure in India and collecting GST through various sectors has become extremely easy. One of the most common sector that is a major source of income is rent. Rent is an agreement between two or more parties where the tenant pays the agreed amount to the property owner or … Read moreGST Impact on Rental Income

5 things you should know about e-Invoicing under GST

As per the recent Union Budget announced by Mrs Nirmala Sitharaman, e-invoicing will be introduced in 2020 and there will be no need to generate a separate e-way bill. In this article we will discuss e-invoicing under GST in brief: Why e-way bill was introduced? The e-way bill was introduced by the Government of India … Read more5 things you should know about e-Invoicing under GST

GST Applicability on Joint Development Agreement

The joint Development agreement (otherwise known as JDA) is a contract between a landowner and real estate developer to build a new project on the land of owner. The real estate builder construct the building and other things. On the contrary, the owner of the land will provide land to construct the building. Moreover, there … Read moreGST Applicability on Joint Development Agreement

GST Notices – What is Notice & Types of Notices

Under the Goods and Services Tax (GST), the authorities communicate to the taxpayers via GST notices. There are various reasons for the issuance of the different types of notices, which every taxpayer should know. This article discusses these reasons and types of GST notices along with the manner in which one may respond upon receiving … Read moreGST Notices – What is Notice & Types of Notices