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How to Amend GST Registration

A business is very much alive as it sustains in a dynamically developing and competitive environment. As a result, it is very likely to undergo several timely changes to adapt, compete and grow. To respond to changes in the business ecosystem, changes in place and style of operations, ownership, error correction, communication particulars, other business … Read moreHow to Amend GST Registration

How To Check GST Registration Status?

GST registration is mandatory* for businesses that have a turnover of more than INR 40 lakhs (INR 10 lakhs for North-Eastern and hilly states). In some cases, the turnover criteria is not applicable. That means some businesses have to be GST registered irrespective of their turnover. When a business applies for GST registration, an Application … Read moreHow To Check GST Registration Status?

15 Reasons Why Your GST Registration Can Be Suspended

GST laws in India provide a comprehensive compliance framework. In case a taxpayer does not abide by the provisions of the GST law or rules issued thereunder, the GST registration of such taxpayer may be cancelled or suspended. In this article, we will look at the most common situations when the GST registration of a … Read more15 Reasons Why Your GST Registration Can Be Suspended

GST Registration through AADHAAR Authentication

From 21 August 2020, businesses can get new GST registrations by authenticating their AADHAAR. When registration is through the AADHAAR authentication mode, businesses can expect to get registered within three working days, if no notice is issued.  This facility will enhance the idea about  ‘Ease of doing Businesses’ How to Obtain GST Registration Using AADHAAR … Read moreGST Registration through AADHAAR Authentication

Second Level Verification of New GST Registration

As per the new circular issued by the Kerala GST authority the enforcement squad now has to physically verify the place of business of the new GST registrations. This verification is also known as second-level verification of new GST registration because the first level of verification under GST is the verification of documents uploaded by … Read moreSecond Level Verification of New GST Registration

Does Goods and Services Tax (GST) Apply to Me?

GST applies to everyone whether you are a goods supplier/manufacturer/transporter or service provider. GST Applicable to which businesses? GST applies to the following businesses: Trade and commerce Manufacturer Professionals or any other business, regardless of volume or frequency. Does GST apply to all persons? Yes, GST applies to each person whether Individuals Hindu Undivided Family, … Read moreDoes Goods and Services Tax (GST) Apply to Me?

Goods and Services Tax (GST) Registration

Goods and Services Tax commonly known as GST has subsumed all the indirect taxes such as CST, Service Tax, Excise Duty and so forth. Moreover, every enterprise whose turnover exceeds the prescribed threshold limit needs to obtain GST Registration. Components of GST GST has 3 tax components namely: CGST (Central Goods and Services Tax) SGST … Read moreGoods and Services Tax (GST) Registration

Cancellation of GST Registration

Cancellation of GST registration means when the GSTIN of the taxpayer gets canceled by the GST Authorities or suo-moto (by the taxpayer himself/herself). Once the GST Registration is canceled the taxpayer will not be liable to pay or collect the GST. So in this article, we will cover all the aspects related to the cancellation … Read moreCancellation of GST Registration