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Impact Of GST On Banking And Insurance Sectors

The introduction of GST in India impacted the (financial services sectors) Banking and Insurance sectors amongst other sectors in the country. Users were affected directly when GST was introduced as the prevailing service tax rate was 15%, and the new GST rate was 18%. In this article, we will discuss the impact of GST on … Read moreImpact Of GST On Banking And Insurance Sectors

Impact of GST on IT Sector

In the previous tax regime in India, there were “n” number of compliance obligations as there were multiple taxes. However, the GST has simplified the compliance obligation as it has subsumed all the indirect taxes. Tax Rates Under the Previous Regime In the previous regime, the IT service provider had to pay both Value Added … Read moreImpact of GST on IT Sector

Impact of GST on Economy and Its Analysis

GST was implemented in India with the slogan and motive of “One nation one tax”, although this was the biggest reform in the Indian economy the impact of it was pretty much different on the various industries such as manufacturing, distribution, service providers etc. Let us throw some light on the impact on various industries. … Read moreImpact of GST on Economy and Its Analysis

Impact of GST on Restaurants, Cafes and Fast-food outlets


You have most likely been rejoicing the arrival of GST, given the months-old build-up around it, but have been equally confused and surprised with an inflated bill when clearly the deal the government struck with you and the rest of the nation was  –  that with GST in place, eating out would now get cheaper. … Read moreImpact of GST on Restaurants, Cafes and Fast-food outlets

Impact of GST on Manufacturers

The manufacturing sector in any country can rightly be deemed as the backbone of its economy, leveraging its resources for maximum economic boost, which then makes way for competitive trade and business to take place – locally, nationally as well as globally. India too has, emerged as one of the high growth sectors in the … Read moreImpact of GST on Manufacturers

Impact of GST on Startups


The GST will fuel the economy in a big way in the long run, by bringing a stupendous increase in the revenue collected through it and India will rapidly move towards being seen as a “developed” nation. India, as the biggies define it, is still a developing nation, but it is doing so at a … Read moreImpact of GST on Startups

Impact of GST on Hotel Industry


Indian tourism and hospitality industry has justly been touted as one of the key drivers of the economy, given the rise of an ambitiously expanding middle class and increased disposable income of this population bracket. Currently, it accounts for 7.5 percent of the country’s GDP, with a promised growth of about 16.1 percent CAGR, sweeping … Read moreImpact of GST on Hotel Industry