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E-Way Bill For Manufacturers

The Manufacturing industry was one of the key beneficiaries with the introduction of GST. The removal of check posts at state borders has reduced the lead time for inward and outward movement of goods. This helped Manufacturers to improve their efficiency. Manufacturing companies generally have factories located in selected locations, and the field/branch offices are … Read moreE-Way Bill For Manufacturers

E-Way Bill For Transportation Of Goods By Airways

Under GST, e-Way Bills (EWB) are mandatory for facilitating the interstate or intra-state movement of goods when the value of the goods exceeds INR 50,000. These goods can be transported through road, air, water or rail. In this article, we will specifically discuss the EWB requirements when goods are transported through airways. Points To Be … Read moreE-Way Bill For Transportation Of Goods By Airways

E-Way Bill For Transportation Of Goods By Railways

Under GST, an e-Way bill (EWB) is an electronic document that is required to be carried by the person in charge of the conveyance transporting any consignment of goods of value exceeding INR 50,000 (single Invoice/bill/delivery challan). A taxpayer or a transporter* who causes the movement of goods of a consignment can generate the EWB … Read moreE-Way Bill For Transportation Of Goods By Railways

Form GST EWB-02 Format

GST EWB-02 Form or we can say the consolidated e-way bill is a bill that is generated by the transporter at the time of transporting multiple consignments on single conveyance or vehicle. In simple words, EWB-02 Form becomes accessible for the person-in-charge of conveyance when he/she has to carry multiple consignments having different invoices on … Read moreForm GST EWB-02 Format

Generating GST e-Way Bill using SMS

A taxpayer can generate, modify or delete GST e-Way Bill either through e-Way Bill Portal or via SMS (Short Message Service). SMS e-Way Bill generation comes handy at the time of emergency like break down of the vehicle in the midnight. Moreover, e-Way Bill generation through SMS is an ideal solution for small enterprises having … Read moreGenerating GST e-Way Bill using SMS

Transportation of Goods without an E-Way Bill

After the implementation of GST in India, the e-way bill was made mandatory in all States. Transportation of goods and services now demands the generation of an e-way bill. However, some goods have been allowed to be transported without generating an e-way bill, which are enlisted in this article The following topics have been discussed … Read moreTransportation of Goods without an E-Way Bill

How to Update Multiple Vehicles on E-Way Bill

E-way bills are required to be generated whenever a consignment carrying taxable goods worth Rs. 50,000 or more is being transported from one place to another. The conveyance for such transportation usually includes one vehicle. However, there are cases where more than one vehicle is used for transportation of one consignment. This article will discuss … Read moreHow to Update Multiple Vehicles on E-Way Bill

Transporter’s Role in The E-Way Bill System

The logistics industry is one of the most contributing industries towards India’s economic growth. Transportation of goods takes place every day across interstate and intrastate checkpoints. Earlier, this process used to consume a lot of time and resources due to document checking, but with the introduction of E-Way Bill under GST, the process has been … Read moreTransporter’s Role in The E-Way Bill System