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GST Compliance Rating Concept

GST Compliance Rating is a concept that is introduced to score the compliance performance of the business. GST Compliance rating can impact the day to day business transactions and your relationship with the vendors and the sellers. Table of Contents What is GST Compliance Rating? What are the factors on which GST Compliance Rating works? … Read moreGST Compliance Rating Concept

Important GST Terms, Definitions and Applicability

GST, the new genre taxation module is imbibed with numerous new terms and nomenclatures, which you should be aware about. The article aims to apprise you of all the GST terms, their broad definitions and their applicability. Following are the major ones, some of which you may have heard until now or may encounter soon: … Read moreImportant GST Terms, Definitions and Applicability

What is a GST Compliance Rating?

The new generation taxation system, GST has its own and unique way of measuring and rating the adherability and checking the compliance parameters of tax payers – much like the CIBIL score these days. Unlike the older era of taxation regime, where there was no mechanism to rate and grade the tax payers, the GST … Read moreWhat is a GST Compliance Rating?