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How to Modify e-Way Bill?

An e-Way Bill may need to be modified in case of (i) Vehicle breaks down (ii) Vehicle number not entered at the time of generating an e-Way Bill (iii) Transshipment (iv) Re-assigning e-Way Bill to another transporter You just need to follow the below simple steps mentioned to modify the e-Way Bill.   1. Modifying … Read moreHow to Modify e-Way Bill?

How to Cancel an e-Way Bill?

The CGST Rule 138 talks about the provision of the e-Way Bill. As per this rule every registered taxable person who moves a consignment from one place to another and where the value of such consignment exceeds 50,000 INR. Here are the cases where the e-Way Bill is required to be generated: (i) When there … Read moreHow to Cancel an e-Way Bill?

Form GST EWB-02 Format

GST EWB-02 Form or we can say the consolidated e-way bill is a bill that is generated by the transporter at the time of transporting multiple consignments on single conveyance or vehicle. In simple words, EWB-02 Form becomes accessible for the person-in-charge of conveyance when he/she has to carry multiple consignments having different invoices on … Read moreForm GST EWB-02 Format

Generating GST e-Way Bill using SMS

A taxpayer can generate, modify or delete GST e-Way Bill either through e-Way Bill Portal or via SMS (Short Message Service). SMS e-Way Bill generation comes handy at the time of emergency like break down of the vehicle in the midnight. Moreover, e-Way Bill generation through SMS is an ideal solution for small enterprises having … Read moreGenerating GST e-Way Bill using SMS

What is Transporter ID?

Transporter ID is a Unique Identification Number that is of 15 digits and is allotted to an unregistered Transporter. This Transporter ID helps the transporter to generate e-Way Bills. Now the question to generate e-Way Bill? A transporter needs to generate an e-Way Bill either when the consignment value exceeds 50,000 INR or where the … Read moreWhat is Transporter ID?

e-Way Bill User Management: How to create, update and freeze Sub-Users

The e-Way Bill portal provides user management services to simplify the e-way bill generation procedure. Apart from these, there are other services too such as SMS facility, consolidated EWB, Masters and so forth. However, to use these above-mentioned features the taxpayer or transporter has to register on the e-Way Bill Portal. Why creating sub-users is … Read moree-Way Bill User Management: How to create, update and freeze Sub-Users

E-Way Bill Generation Process Automation

E-Way Bill is an electronically generated document comprising of invoice and associated shipment details. A unique number is generated for each E-Way Bill. It is mandatory to generate E-Way Bill on all transactions across India where non-exempted good is being transported inter or intra state and is valued above 50,000. Government introduced E-Way Bill to … Read moreE-Way Bill Generation Process Automation