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E-Way Bills under GST in Uttar Pradesh

E-way bills were brought in by GST to be implemented throughout India from the beginning of Financial Year 2018. E-way bills were launched as substitutes for the former way bills which were used as a permit for transportation of goods within a state and across it. However, its implementation was made gradual with different sets … Read moreE-Way Bills under GST in Uttar Pradesh

E-Way Bill under GST in Karnataka

Upon introduction, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) wasn’t implemented across the country in a snap. It was adopted by states gradually, at varying times. E-way Bills followed a similar pattern and some states adopted it immediately, Karnataka being one of the firsts. E-way Bills replaced the way bills that were being used earlier, and … Read moreE-Way Bill under GST in Karnataka

E-Way Bill Registration Procedure for Businesses Under GST

E-way bill is a document required to be carried by a person in charge of the conveyance carrying any consignment of goods of value exceeding Rs. 50,000 except in certain cases. Below is the step-by-step guide for E-Way Bill Registration for Businesses Registered under GST. Cases where E-Way Bill is Not Required Even though Value … Read moreE-Way Bill Registration Procedure for Businesses Under GST

Key FAQs on E-Way Bill Under GST

Since its inception, GST has gone through several deferrals and relaxations, many of which were due to glitches in the GST portal. But the deferrals have also been a blessing in disguise for tax evaders, who have used these deferrals to their maximum benefits. Now, as glitches are immunized, government has rolled out e-way bill … Read moreKey FAQs on E-Way Bill Under GST