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How Can Customers Generate E-Way Bills?

Under the GST provisions, an E-Way Bill (EWB) is required when goods valuing more than INR 50,000 are transported (intra-state/inter-state). This EWB is generally generated by the supplier of goods or the transporter. However, there can be conditions when the customer may have to generate the EWB. In this article, we will explain: Circumstances When … Read moreHow Can Customers Generate E-Way Bills?

E-Way Bill Generation Process Automation

E-Way Bill is an electronically generated document comprising of invoice and associated shipment details. A unique number is generated for each E-Way Bill. It is mandatory to generate E-Way Bill on all transactions across India where non-exempted good is being transported inter or intra state and is valued above 50,000. Government introduced E-Way Bill to … Read moreE-Way Bill Generation Process Automation

E-Way Bill Generation by End-Consumer

E-way bill is a transit invoice generated through the e-way bill portal for transportation of any consignment worth Rs. 50,000 or more. The online system was brought in under GST to control tax evasion and other corrupt activities. The government has established that e-way bills are to be generated online throughout the nation for intrastate … Read moreE-Way Bill Generation by End-Consumer

Common Errors Committed by Taxpayer on the E-Way Bill Portal

E-way bill portal was successfully launched by the government of India on 1st April 2018 after a failed attempt in February 2018. This e-way bill portal helps the taxpayer to track consignments that are in transit. E-way bill portal has been working smoothly without any glitch since its implementation. Even though the e-way portal is … Read moreCommon Errors Committed by Taxpayer on the E-Way Bill Portal