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BRN Registration | Everything you need to know about

BRN Registration

When you start a new business, you must register it and receive a 16-digit BRN number, also known as a Business Registration Number. There are no costs charged during the procedure, and it takes less time. We’ll show you how to apply for BRN in this article. You can apply online using BRN’s official website, or you can go to their office and apply in person. Continue reading to learn more about the BRN Registration Process.

The BRN registration application process is now available online, and anyone can complete the registration and obtain a BRN number by utilising this simple online application.

Your Business registration number is assigned to you once your BRN registration application has been approved.

Many applicants are concerned about how long BRN takes to complete an application, how to apply, and other factors.

We’ve gone over every step of the BRN application procedure in this article.

What is in the BRN form?

In the BRN form, you’ll have to fill out the following details:

After filling in all of these facts, the venture owner can submit the authorised form to the enrollment authorities for registration.

An authorised approach is used to get a Business Registration Number for all organisations that have already registered before the date of this notification.

How to Get a BRN (Business Registration Number)

The following is the method for applying for a BRN:

  • To begin, go to BRN’s authoritative website.
  • To apply for a BRN, go to Registration> Apply For BRN Form.
  • If you work for a non-profit organisation, go visit BRN ( For NGO).
  • Read all of the terms and conditions carefully before checking the box that says “I Have Read All Of The Terms & Conditions Carefully.”
  • Enter your mobile phone number, email address, and captcha code, then confirm.
  • Submit your information, including your name, legal entities, entity name, and business address, along with documentation.
  • Enter the One-Time Password that was emailed to you or texted to your phone number.
  • Select Apply BRN.
  • Select the ID proof you want to use now.
  • Now you must upload the signature of the venture owner.
  • Fill in the company’s name and address.
  • You’ve applied for BRN and have been accepted.
  • Keep an eye out for the formal notification.

Please note that the actions outlined above must be completed on the BRN’s official website. Do not go to any unofficial websites or make any payments on them. The following is a list of direct links.

If you are having trouble applying for BRN online or trying to browse the website and it keeps crashing, you can turn off your network and then turn it back on.

If the problem persists, you can put your smartphone in Airplane mode or restart it to improve connectivity and ensure that your job is completed without interruption.

You can also leave a comment below with your questions.

Business Registration Number Official Website Link

To fill out the form online and submit it, candidates should go to Remember to go through the information listed above before filling out the form.

Features of BRN

Currently, the state government is pleased to instruct all state enrollment dominance & other foundations, including municipalities, water and electricity supply authorities, and others, to incorporate the 16 digit BRN on the authorised application when receiving applications for renewal and other complementary efforts by all venture holders.

All business owners are given a BRN number, which must be filled out and then they are issued a 16-digit BRN, which is required for all business owners.

Benefits of BRN Registration

There are numerous advantages to taking BRN, some of which are listed below: –

Customer reputation: Developing a customer reputation is a difficult task, especially for those who have never done business before.

Getting your business registered and obtaining a BRN assures your customers that they are dealing with a trustworthy company.

When your business is online and clients must pay into your organization’s account before you can send the goods or services, having a recognised company and a corporate account lends legitimacy and trust to your company.

Opening a Corporate Account in Your Company’s Name: If you wish to open a corporate account in your company’s name, you can use BRN to simplify the procedure.

When you have a corporate account, your customers, bank, suppliers, and other business partners will see you as more credible and trustworthy.

Obtaining Loans: When your business is registered and you have a BRN, getting a loan is easier and faster than getting a loan when you don’t.

You don’t have to show that you’re a business with the help of BRN.

It builds credibility and trust, and your investors or lenders will recognise that they are dealing with a trustworthy company and will be eager to offer you additional money.

Getting on Record: Having your business registered with the local, state, and federal governments, as well as having a BRN, ensures that your business name is not registered by someone else.

No company can register its business under the same name in the future.

Documents Required for acquiring a BRN Registration

The following are the paperwork you’ll need to apply for a BRN and register your business:

  • Certificate of digital signature (DSC)
  • The number assigned to the director (DIN)
  • Certificate of Incorporation obtained through the MCA portal
  • Recent electricity bill
  • Photo of applicant
  • Bank statement of the organisation
  • Scanned copy of PAN card
  • Copy of aadhar card
  • Other details such as phone numbers, email addresses, and so on.

When applying for BRN registration take these precautions.

  • Click on Apply BRN to receive a BRN for your company. Click on Apply BRN for NGO if you want to apply for BRN for your NGO (For NGO).
  • And for BRN, use your own phone number/email. If you use the phone number or email address of another individual, the BRN will be issued to that person. If you’re applying for a BRN using your Aadhaar number, be sure to use your Aadhaar-registered phone number.
  • Read the BR instruction thoroughly before applying for BRN. As a result, there are no risks of making a mistake.
  • Information about the status of the Institution/Firm should be included in the identification particulars.
  • Some information auto-populates (non-editable) in the BRN application, while the remainder must be filled manually.
  • Only fill in the Name and Address of the Organization’s Head Office if they are accessible; otherwise, leave it blank.
  • Fill in the relevant job of your organisation in the specifics of Major Activity, and choose the activity code properly.
  • If a BRN application rejects, the reason for the rejection is available by using the PRINT BRN option. After correcting the reason for rejection, BRN can be updated using the UPDATE BRN option. There is no need to apply for a new BRN in this circumstance.
  • The site provides the ability to UPDATE OR CANCEL BRN online.


Starting a business is a difficult task in and of itself. You must not only settle on a budget, set goals, and develop a strategy, but you must also comply with the law.

There are various other requirements you must meet before beginning a business, in addition to registering your firm and obtaining a licence.

You may need to apply for a business registration number depending on your sector and area.

In today’s world, business is at the heart of all global changes. In a short period of time, a business can completely transform one’s life as well as a society for the better.

As a result, nowadays, young people are more eager to start a new business than to do anything else.

And starting a business from the ground up is even more difficult because there are no prior experiences in the field.

Everything is a dangerous decision, from the budget to the goals to the corporate strategy.

Apart from that, one must register their firm and obtain a licence for it. It is where the Business Registration Number, or BRN, comes in handy. 



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