About Ask Charter

Purpose of AskCharter.com

We want to help businesses, professionals, and individuals exchange tax, finance and legal knowledge. It should be easy to find reliable answers to questions and ask questions for which answers do not yet exist on publically accessible pages. Simultaneously, this exchange of knowledge should be sustainable in the long run. Therefore, participants should be able to receive compensation, whether in kind or otherwise, for their contribution ensuring two-way value exchange.

Value for professionals is derived from each answer that helps them build their strong online presence. Today, chartered professionals, such as CAs and Lawyers, are barred from advertising through traditional channels. It leaves them with a single option, i.e. relying on referrals and word of mouth. We aim to supercharge their business by enabling them to leverage their online presence built on AskCharter.com

Value for businesses, professional and individuals is obviously derived from a free searchable knowledge base and ability to ask questions for free. Soon, we will take it a step further by enabling them to build connection with professionals and request for tailored advice. Therefore, ensuring that identifying the right professional advisor becomes easier than ever.

Hopefully, the platform will eventually become a vast searchable base of knowledge on tax, finance and legal matters connecting the industry better than before.