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Taxes which are replaced by GST

On 1st July 2017, the government of India announced the implementation of GST in India. It was a big move, as it marked a significant indirect tax reform in the country by blending all indirect tax levied on goods and ...

How to reply notice for cancellation under GST?

Under GST, Notices act as a medium to communicate to the taxpayers by the GST Authorities. These are sent to the taxpayers specifically to remind or caution them of any defaults being noticed, specifically for not following the GST laws ...

Can one own multiple Sole Proprietorship firms?

About Online Sole Proprietorship Registration Registering your company makes your business a distinguished entity and gives it a legal existence. It is very essential for protecting your business and securing its rights. It shields the business from personal liability and ...

Section 194N of Income Tax Act

In order to discourage cash transactions and move towards a cashless economy, a new Section 194N was inserted under Income-tax Act with effect from September 1, 2019, to provide for deduction of tax on cash withdrawals made by any person ...

Reverse Charge Mechanism in GST

It is always the case where the supplier of goods and services is liable to pay the GST. But, when it comes to Reverse Charge Mechanism, the receiver of goods and services has to pay the tax, meaning that the ...

Starting a Business in Mumbai | The 2022 Guide

  Mumbai, the financial and commercial capital of India also known as India’s business hub because it is the most populous and fast-growing city. A large population and so many financial activities provide a lot of opportunities for starting a ...