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What is Transporter ID in EWay Bill and how to enroll?

If the transporter is not registered under GST, he has to obtain transporter ID from e-way bill portal for generating the e-way bills.

What is transporter ID?

Transporter ID is a unique identification number allotted to transporters not registered under GST. Transporter ID consists of 15 digits.

Why is transporter ID required?

Transporters have to generate the e-way bill if –

  1. Value of consignment is more than Rs. 50,000 or
  2. Value of all goods moving through a single vehicle is more than Rs. 50,000

All the transporters have to generate the e-way bill in above mentioned conditions. Transporters not registered under GST will not have GSTIN number, hence they can the transporter ID to generate the e-way bill.

How to use transporter ID?

Supplier/ consignor has to mention the transporter ID on the e-way bill which will enable the transporter to update the vehicle number later while moving the goods actually.

Unregistered transporters have to mention transporter ID on the e-way bill instead of GSTIN number.

Process to obtain transporter ID

Step 1: Visit e-way bill portal ( and click on “Enrollment for Transporters” link,

Step 2: Application for enrollment will open in a new tab, where all information has to be filled. Information marked with * is compulsory.

Eway bill transporter ID

Information to be filled in the application

Step 3: Enter Details of business

  • State – Select State from the dropdown list,
  • Legal Name – Enter name as mentioned in PAN card*
  • Trade Name (Business Name)*
  • PAN*

Step 4: After entering PAN, click on validate button. System will check the PAN details and will communicate if the PAN number and name as per PAN doesn’t match.

Step 5: Enter Constitution of Business details

  • Type of enrolment (warehouse, depot, godown, cold storage, transport services) – One or more types can be selected
  • Constitution of Business (Foreign Company, Others, Partnership, Proprietorship, Public Limited Company, Private Limited Company, Unlimited Company) – Select from drop down list.

 e way bill transporter id

Step 6: Enter Address & Contact Details

  • Business Address
  • Contact Information ( Email Address & Mobile Number)
  • Nature of Premises (Own/ Leased/ Rented/ Consent/ Shared/ Others)

ewaybill transporter id

Step 7: Enter Aadhaar Details

  • Aadhaar Number of the proprietor or the main person of the company or firm
  • Name of Aadhar Card holder & his mobile number

Step 8: Click on “Verify Detail & Send OTP”. OTP will be sent on the mobile number registered with Aadhar number. Enter the OTP to acknowledge the application.

e-way bill transporter register

Step 9: Upload Address Proof & ID Proof.

upload e way bill documents

Step 10: Enter Login Details

Enter the desired user name and password. This user name and password will be used to login on the website in future.  The username should be of at least 8 characters with a combination of alphabets (A-Z/a-z), numerals (0-9) and special characters (@, #, $, %, &, *, ^) and can’t exceed more than 15 characters. The password should be of at least 8 characters.

Step 11: After this, verify the application by ticking the box, and click on submit button.

enter e-way bill login details

System will check all the details and generate 15 digit Transporter ID. Transporter should keep it at a safe place for future purpose.

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July 6, 2018

Is this mendatory to if we sales in same state like delhi to delhi outward then transporter id is mendatory