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TDS Registration Procedure on TRACES

Before starting off with the article it is important for us to know what TRACES stands for?

The full form of TRACES is TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System managed by the Income Tax Department. It is a web portal that is created to administer all the TDS related procedures.

Who can register on TRACES?

Here is the list of the person who can register on TRACES:

(i) Deductor or Collector

(ii) Taxpayer

(iii) PAO

Who is a Tax Deductor or Collector (Deductor)?

Any taxpayer who deducts tax on the behalf of their clients or who collects the tax from their clients is required to register on TRACES. In this article below we will know the TDS registration procedure on TRACES.

Why does the deductor need to register on TRACES?

Here is the list of feature the taxpayer can enjoy after registering on TRACES:

(i) Verify refund status

(ii) Admin registration

(iii) Sub-user Creation

(iv) Make online or offline corrections

(v) Generation of Form 16 / 16A

(vi) Viewing statement status

(vii) Checking the Status of Challan

(viii) Verifying 197 Certificates

(ix) Downloading Justification report

(x) PAN or bulk PANs Verification

(xi) Manage profile

(xii) Viewing TDS or TCS credit amount against a PAN

(xiii) Declaration statement for the non-filing

(xiv) Declaration regarding depositing Lower TDS

Outstanding demand status

When to register on TRACES?

Post filing the first TDS Return, the deductor can register on TRACES. However, in order to register the TDS return status should indicate “Processed at CPC” on the TIN Portal.

TDS Registration Procedure on TRACES

Here are the steps to register in TRACES:

Step 1: Open TRACES

Step 2: Click on the Register as a New User option.

Step 3: Select Deductor from the list and click on the Proceed button.

Step 4: Enter the Temporary Account Number (TAN) of the deductor. A verification code will be sent on the registered mail id or phone. Click on the Proceed button afterward.

Step 5: Enter the Token number generated at the time of filing TDS return, together with CIN/BIN and PAN details of that financial year, quarter, and Form Type.

Step 6: Post submitting the details the authentication code is then generated which remains valid for the given period of time as mentioned above in Step 5.

Step 7: Enter the code other details such as TAN, and the deductor’s name is auto-filled. However, you have to update the details of the authorized person.

Note: In the case of Individual or Proprietor the PAN of deductor and PAN of an authorized person can be the same. However, in other cases such as company or LLP, the PAN’s of the deductor and authorized person can be different.

Step 8: Once you have entered the code, you need to set the User ID and Password

Step 9: After you are done setting with the credential a confirmation message will appear. Click on the Confirm button to continue to Registration. In case of any change click on the Edit button.

Step 10: Post confirming you will get a message showing “Registration request successfully submitted”. Moreover, an activation link along with codes will be sent to your registered mail ID and password.

Once your account is activated you can log in TRACES.

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