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Penalty for Not Registering or Late Registering Under GST

According to the GST act, any person who fails to obtain registration or registers late under GST needs to pay the penalty. In this article, we will see the penalties levied for not registering or late registering under GST. Penalty for Not Registering under GST According to the section 122 of CGST Act, any taxable … Read morePenalty for Not Registering or Late Registering Under GST

Form GST EWB-02 Format

GST EWB-02 Form or we can say the consolidated e-way bill is a bill that is generated by the transporter at the time of transporting multiple consignments on single conveyance or vehicle. In simple words, EWB-02 Form becomes accessible for the person-in-charge of conveyance when he/she has to carry multiple consignments having different invoices on … Read moreForm GST EWB-02 Format

Generating GST e-Way Bill using SMS

A taxpayer can generate, modify or delete GST e-Way Bill either through e-Way Bill Portal or via SMS (Short Message Service). SMS e-Way Bill generation comes handy at the time of emergency like break down of the vehicle in the midnight. Moreover, e-Way Bill generation through SMS is an ideal solution for small enterprises having … Read moreGenerating GST e-Way Bill using SMS

What is Transporter ID?

Transporter ID is a Unique Identification Number that is of 15 digits and is allotted to an unregistered Transporter. This Transporter ID helps the transporter to generate e-Way Bills. Now the question to generate e-Way Bill? A transporter needs to generate an e-Way Bill either when the consignment value exceeds 50,000 INR or where the … Read moreWhat is Transporter ID?

e-Way Bill User Management: How to create, update and freeze Sub-Users

The e-Way Bill portal provides user management services to simplify the e-way bill generation procedure. Apart from these, there are other services too such as SMS facility, consolidated EWB, Masters and so forth. However, to use these above-mentioned features the taxpayer or transporter has to register on the e-Way Bill Portal. Why creating sub-users is … Read moree-Way Bill User Management: How to create, update and freeze Sub-Users

E-invoicing System under New GST Return

As per the last GST Council Meet, the council member collectively decided that the e-invoicing system under the new GST Return will be implemented from January 2020. However, there is a limit of aggregate turnover on which it will be applicable. So, in this article we will discuss all e-invoicing system implementation under New GST … Read moreE-invoicing System under New GST Return

Prosecution under GST

In legal term prosecution means any proceedings carried out against someone in the court of law for doing any criminal offence. Offences under GST liable for Prosecution Any individual who commits the following offence intentionally can be prosecuted in the court of law: Supplying good without an invoice to evade tax. Issuing an invoice without … Read moreProsecution under GST