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GST Rates

GST Rates

Complete List of GST Rates in India

All goods and services [over 1700], transacted in India will fall under two coding systems – HSN code system and SAC code system. All the goods will fall under HSN category and the services under SAC. These items will attract any one of the total 7 tax slabs [ 0%, .25%, 3%, 5%, 12%, 18%, 28% ]. This article aims to give you a comprehensive, yet an easy understanding about each of the above GST tax slabs.


The complete list of products on the CBEC [Central Board of Excise and Customs] website, falling under 0% slab, is classified in detail from serial number 1 to 149, with an itemized detailed break up of clauses and sub clauses. For services, the serial numbers range from to 87. Some of the major products and services in this category are mentioned below.

Here’s a quick snapshot of it:


GST Rates


The complete list of products on the CBEC [Central Board of Excise and Customs] website, falling under .25% slab, isclassified in detail from serial number 1 to 3, with an itemized detailed break up of clauses and sub clauses. There is no service, which falls under this slab. Some of the major products in this category are mentioned below.

GST Rates


The complete list of products on the CBEC [Central Board of Excise and Customs] website, falling under 3% slab, is classified in detail from serial number 1 to 18, with an itemized detailed break up of clauses and sub clauses. There is no service, which falls under this slab. Some of the major products in this category are mentioned below.

GST Rates


The complete list of products on the CBEC [Central Board of Excise and Customs] website, falling under 5% slab, is classified in detail from serial number 1 to 263, with an itemized detailed break up of clauses and sub clauses. For services, the serial numbers range from 1 to 12. Some of the major products and services in this category are mentioned below.

GST Rates


The complete list of products on the CBEC [Central Board of Excise and Customs] website, falling under 12% slab, is classified in detail from serial number 1 to 242, with an itemized detailed break up of clauses and sub clauses. For services, the serial numbers range from 1 to 7. Some of the major products and services in this category are mentioned below.GST Rates


The complete list of products on the CBEC [Central Board of Excise and Customs] website, falling under  18% slab, is classified in detail from serial number 1 to 453, with an itemized detailed break up of clauses and sub clauses. For services, the serial numbers range from 1 to 9. Any service which has not been mentioned elsewhere, will fall under 18% GST bracket. Some of the major products and services in this category are mentioned below. GST Rates


The complete list of products on the CBEC [Central Board of Excise and Customs] website, falling under 28% slab, is classified in detail from serial number 1 to 228, with an itemized detailed break up of clauses and sub clauses. For services, the serial numbers range from 1 to 4. Some of the major products and services in this category are mentioned below. GST Rates

An in-depth know of the products and the applicable rates can be found at the CBEC [Central Board of Excise and Customs] website:

Products: http://www.cbec.gov.in/resources/htdocs-cbec/gst/goods-rates-booklet-03July2017.pdf

Services: http://www.cbec.gov.in/resources/htdocs-cbec/gst/services-booklet-03July2017.pdf

autoTax from Master’s India, a GST Suvidha Provider is a fully automated GST solution, which along with other functionalities also ensures that the correct tax rates are automatically picked by choosing the accurate HSN/SAC codes for your product and thereby ensuring an error free compliance, first time – every time.

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