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GST Portal Issues get messy – Confederation of All India Traders seek CBI enquiry

Goods & Services Tax [GST], one nation – one tax, the colossal taxation module, which was aimed at widening the tax base and simplifying the taxation net, doesn’t seem to perform reasonably. Changing rules, complex intricacies and lack of proper and adequate knowledge is giving the businesses a real bumpy ride.

The Confederation of All India Traders [CAIT] are in real rage and are asking for a CBI enquiry  for the growing unrest generating from GST supported by Infosys. The official statement of the CAIT said “Even after four months of GST implementation in the country, the GST Portal which was supposed to function properly from 1st July itself is still working like an experiment project causing much harassment and mental concern to traders across country”.

CAIT seems to be pretty aggressive and is questioning the potentiality and scalability of the GSTN – the supreme body governing GST’s online module. The traders body has gone further and has sought a third party audit of Infosys to check the endurance, applicability and futuristic scalability index of its operations.

CAIT is also insisting and pressuring the government to issue white paper update on it and is raising the voice of the traders, who are suffering from the non-compliance after effects and inefficiency of the GST portal and seem to be in a state of mess, confusion and hopelessness.

India’s most aspiring taxation reform since independence is experiencing hiccups and the government must proactively and intensely take strong measures to cure it.

As reported in Economic Times.