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What Is PMT-09?

PMT-09 was recently introduced and made available on the GST portal on 21 April 2020. All the registered taxpayers can reallocate the balance available in the electronic cash ledger to major/minor heads using the PMT 09 form.

In this article, we will help you understand:

What Is PMT-09?

Form PMT 09 is a challan that is prescribed to rectify a wrongly paid ITC by the taxpayer. If a taxpayer has falsely paid CGST instead of SGST, he can rectify and reallocate the amount from the CGST head to SGST head using the Form PMT 09. This means a registered taxpayer can transfer any tax, interest, penalty, etc., available in the electronic cash ledger to appropriate heads (IGST, CGST, and SGST) within the ledger.

The heads are divided into:

Major heads – Integrated tax, Central tax, State/UT Tax, and Cess.

Minor heads– Tax, interest, penalty, fee, and others.

How To File PMT-09 Form?

Step 1: Log in to GST Portal.

Step 2: Under ‘Services’, select ‘Ledgers’ and then select ‘Electronic Cash Ledger’.

Step 3: In the electronic cash ledger page select File GST PMT 09 for transfer of amount.

This GST PMT 09 Form is divided into 3 parts –

  1. Cash Ledger Balance – available for transfer
    This table shows the available balance in the electronic cash ledger.
  2. Cash Ledger Balance- Preview of updated balance
    This table shows the updated balance in the electronic cash ledger after the changes are made. For example, balance after transferring the amount from the CGST head to SGST head (or as applicable) is visible here.
  3. Add record
    This table has to be updated by the taxpayer. There are 2 columns in the table, namely, ‘Transfer amount from’ and ‘Transfer amount to’.

Example: If the electronic ledger balance is INR 1000 and  INR 500 is under CGST head & INR 500 is under the head IGST, then a taxpayer can transfer INR 500 from ‘IGST’ head to ‘SGST’ head.

After updating the Add record table, the amount gets refreshed in the Cash Ledger Balance- Preview Updated Balance.

Step 4: Save the details.

Step 5: Select ‘Yes’ on the confirmation box.

Step 6: Save and check the processed records.

Step 7: Verify using EVC or DSC of the authorised signatory.

Step 8: Click ‘File GST PMT 09’.

Step 9: Enter OTP.

Step 10: Click on ‘Verify’.

A confirmation message of successful filing along with ARN will be sent to the registered email ID. The updated Electronic Cash Ledger can be viewed under the ‘Services’ tab.

Points To Note About GST PMT-09 Form

  • The PMT 09 form only allows the transfer of amounts that are available in the electronic cash ledger. Any misreported amount in GSTR-3B cannot be rectified through PMT 09 as GSTR-3B is non-editable.
  • Any utilised amount that is not available/removed from the electronic cash ledger cannot be transferred or reallocated using PMT 09 form.
  • Transfer of amounts can be done from major to minor head, minor to minor head, or even minor to a major head. An amount can also be transferred or shifted from a minor head to another minor head under the same major head.
  • The primary condition for shifting the amount using PMT 09 is that the electronic cash ledger should have a balance available in the respective head from which the amount is to be transferred.
    • Example 1: Shirish is a GSTIN holder who had to pay INR 1000 under major head CGST and INR 50 as interest under a minor head. Instead of this, he paid INR 50 as CGST and INR 1000 as interest. He can rectify this or shift the amount from major head to minor head or vice versa using the PMT-09 Form.
    • Example 2: Shirish is a GSTIN holder who has to pay INR 100 as interest and INR 20 as a penalty under CGST. Instead of this, he has paid INR 20 as interest and INR 100 as a penalty. This rectification can also be done by filing a PMT 09 form and transferring the minor head interest to minor head penalty under the common major head CGST.

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