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All about DSC Registration on GST Portal

Filing Returns on GST portal requires registration through a few certificates. When it comes to businesses, the compliances tighten. One such compliance is the DSC which is required to file documents online on the GST portal. DSC is mandatory to electronically sign Enrolment Application by domestic and foreign companies, and domestic and foreign Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs and FLLPs respectively). Other taxpayers may use DSC as an optional tool.

What is DSC?

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is a digital counterpart for someone’s signature. It is used as an online identity verification tool for an entity. They are basically electronic certificates confirming one’s identity. Using DSC, one can access all information and services related to the entity, and sign documents electronically. This certificate is used worldwide, and in India, it can only be issued by authorized agencies. Only PAN based DSC of classes II and III are accepted by the GST portal.

How to Obtain DSC?

In order to obtain a DSC, one must fill the required forms and attach the relevant documents and submit them to any CA in the country, along with the fee. Certifying Authorities (CAs) are granted special permission by the government to issue class II and III type of DSCs under the Indian IT-Act 2000. Thus, all one needs to do is follow the procedure and get the certificate. You can easily find a CA through the following link: http://www.cca.gov.in/cca/?q=licensed_ca.html. Once you get the certificate, you will have to register yourself on the GST Portal.

DSC Registration Process on GST Portal

Before you register yourself to the GST portal, make sure you have the following things handy: software to install DSC on the portal, your DSC USB token, and the DSC software (client installer) on your computer which can be downloaded from its registration page on the GST portal. Also, ensure that you are registered on GST portal before registering your DSC. Once you are through with that, you can follow these steps to register you DSC on the GST website:

1. Open the GST Portal: Go to the website https://www.gst.gov.in/

DSC Registration on GST Portal

2. Login to your account: Click on ‘Login’ and enter your username and password to login.

DSC Registration on GST Portal

3. Dashboard: You will be redirected to your account. Click ‘Continue’.

DSC Registration on GST Portal

4. Profile selection: Click on your profile name at the top on the right corner and select ‘My Profile’ from the dropdown. You will be taken to your profile page.

DSC Registration on GST Portal

5. Registration/Update: Click on ‘Register’ in the option ‘Register/Update DSC’ under ‘Quick Links’. Once selected, attach your DSC USB Token to your computer.

DSC Registration on GST Portal

6. Selection of Authorized Signatory: On the ‘Register Digital Signature Certificate’ Page, select your authorized signatory in the ‘PAN of Authorized Signatory’ list and ‘Proceed’.

DSC Registration on GST Portal

7. Certificate Selection and Signature: Click on ‘Select Certificate’ and then on ‘Sign’. As soon as you click on it, your DSC will be registered.

8. Confirmation: You will then be taken to a page which will confirm that ‘Your DSC has been successfully registered’ on the GST portal.

DSC Registration on GST Portal

Once your DSC is registered on the portal, you can easily use it to sign documents digitally and prove your identity electronically. With these simple steps, you can easily avail your Digital Signature Certificate.

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