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2 Years of GST (Goods and Services Tax) in India – Analytical Report

Goods and services tax in India has seen an incredible growth from 38.5 Lakhs migrated taxpayers as on 1st July 2017 to 1.22 Crore registered taxpayer as on June 2019. After completing 2 successful years of GST implementation GSTN has issued an analytical report covering the following points.

Registration Trend (July 2017- June 2019)

As per the reports of GSTN, in the July month of 2017 there were 38, 51,211 taxpayers who migrated from earlier indirect tax regime to the current one (GST). Whereas, in the June month of 2019 there were total 1, 22, 58, 569 taxpayers who were registered under GST.

Note: These figures include all kind of registration except UIN but includes cancellation.

Registration Trend

Total Returns Filed (July 2017)

Under GST regime over 28 Crore returns were filed from July 2017 to June 2019. The highest number of returns filed in a day is 21.30 Lakhs. Here is the line chart showing the total number of returns filed during this duration.

Total Returns Filed

Total Payment Received

To simplify the payments received by the government we are listing the payments financial year wise:

July 17 to March 2018

Comp CESS5937,1568,0248,0327,1037,9228,0708,1967,52062,614


Here is the chart depicting the same detail:

2 Years in GST

April 2018 to March 2019

Comp CESS8,5547,3398,1228,3627,6287,9938,0008,0317,8888,6908,4768,28697,369

To understand this here is a chart supporting it:

2 Years in GST

April 2019 to May 2019 (One month)

Comp CESS9,1688,125

Here is a chart supporting the same:

2 Years in GST

IGST Refunds (June 18 to June 19)

MonthIGST (Amount in Cr.)Invoice CountGSTR Count

2 Years in GST

E-way Bill Generation

1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019

MonthIntra StateInter StateTotal
April, 201874,37,6652,05,58,3392,79,96,004
May, 20181,61,00,8902,11,30,7763,72,31,666
June, 20182,72,73,9911,94,91,2084,67,65,199
July, 20182,62,21,0101,79,89,4264,42,10,436
Aug, 20182,77,83,0112,11,68,1134,89,51,124
Sep, 20182,70,74,4912,10,39,5394,81,14,030
Oct, 20183,06,51,4592,28,56,6715,35,08,130
Nov, 20182,67,45,6671,83,16,7584,50,62,425
Dec, 20182,89,24,0542,10,54,4524,99,78,506
Jan, 20192,95,65,2282,14,52,2445,10,17,472
Feb, 20192,90,57,1202,09,78,7335,00,35,853
Mar, 20193,21,51,6032,27,56,4735,49,08,076

1st April 2019 to 30th June 2019

MonthIntra StateInter StateTotal
April, 20193,04,86,3572,20,38,2345,25,24,591
May, 20193,16,85,2312,25,89,3625,42,74,593
June, 20192,20,78,9361,48,23,5933,69,02,529

The modes of e-way bill generation during the above mentioned period are:

ModePercentage of e-way bill generated
Excel Tool22.44%

2 Years in GST

Assistance for Taxpayers

GSTN created whole GSP Ecosystem to assist the taxpayer. Currently, there are 70 GSP on-board under GSTN. In order to become a GSP, the company’s financial ability is evaluated along with IT capability. This evaluation is done to know whether the company would be able to deliver the necessary GST services to the taxpayer or not. Some of the major GST services are:

GST Registration

  1. GST Return filing
  2. E-way bill generation and cancellation
  3. GST Portal Offline Tools
  4. Returns Offline Tool
  5. Tran 1 Offline Tool
  6. Tran-2 Offline Tool
  7. ITC-01 Offline Tool
  8. ITC-03 Offline Tool
  9. ITC-04 Offline Tool
  10. GSTR-3B Offline Tool
  11. GSTR-4 Offline Tool
  12. GSTR-6 Offline Tool with Amendments
  13. GSTR-7 Offline Utility 11. GSTR 8 Offline Tool
  14. GSTR-9 Offline Tool
  15. GSTR-9A Offline Tool
  16. GSTR-9C Offline Tool
  17. GSTR-10 Offline Tool
  18. GSTR-11 Offline Tool
  19. GST ARA-01 Application for Advance Ruling
  20. GST Services on the GST Portal


  1. Registration for Normal Taxpayer/ISD/ Casual Taxpayer/TDS/UIN/Non- resident
  2. Enrolment for GSTP
  3. Opt for and opt out from Composition scheme
  4. Cancellation of Registration/ Revocation of cancellation
  5. Intimation of details of stock (CMP-03)
  6. Engage/ disengage GST Practitioner, GSTP Dashboard, and Locate GSTP
  7. Suo-Moto cancellation initiated by tax officials
  8. REG 30 – Field visit report by tax officers
  9. Non-Core amendment of UIN and other notified bodies.
  10. Compulsory Withdrawal from Composition Scheme
  11. Application for Amendment of Registration – Non Core Fields – Other Taxpayers (GSTP)
  12. RC generation for OIDAR and UIN users created through utility
  13. Application for Revocation of Suo- Moto Cancellation of OIDAR/TDS/ TCS/NRTP users
  14. Generation of User ID for unregistered users
  15. Application for Filing Clarification through GSTP for all tax payers – for Suo-Moto Cancellation of Registration.


  1. GSTR 1/2A/3B with Offline Utility
  2. GSTR-4 for Composition taxpayers
  3. GSTR 5: Return for Non Resident Taxpayer
  4. GSTR 6, (for ISD online and offline)
  5. GSTR 5A for OIDAR (Online Data Access or Retrieval Services)
  6. GSTR 11: Statement of purchases for UN bodies.
  7. ITC-01/02/03/04
  8. GSTR 4 A (related to B2B inward supplies, CN/DN of composition taxpayer
  9. GSTR 7: Creation & Submission of Return for TDS (Online & Offline)
  10. GSTR 8: Creation & Submission of Return for e-Commerce (TCS)
  11. GSTR 10: Final return with offline Utility.
  12. GSTR 9C Offline Utility
  13. GSTR 9 – Preparation & Filing of Annual Return for Normal Taxpayer


  1. Online Payments through Internet Banking and NEFT/ RTGS
  2. Offline Payments-Over the Counter (Authorized Bank) for amount up-to 10,000 INR
  3. Creation and maintenance of Electronic Cash Ledger
  4. Form GST PMT-07 – Grievance for payment
  5. Automatic addition selected bank in the preferred banks list

Transition Forms

  1. Tran Form 1 – Transitional ITC / Stock Statement (Closed)
  2. Edit of Tran Form -1 (Closed)
  3. TRAN Form 2– Credit on goods held in stock on the appointed day (Closed)
  4. TRAN 2 Offline Tool
  5. Tran Form 3 – Credit distribution (Closed)


  1. Excess balance in Electronic Cash ledger
  2. Exports of services- with payment of tax
  3. Exports of goods / services- Without payment of Tax, i.e., ITC accumulated (with multiple tax period)
  4. ITC accumulated due to inverted tax structure [under clause (ii) of first proviso to section 54(3)] (with multiple tax period)
  5. On account of supplies made to SEZ unit/ SEZ developer (with payment of tax) (with multiple tax period)
  6. On account of supplies made to SEZ unit/ SEZ developer (without payment of tax) (with multiple tax period)
  7. Recipient of deemed export (with multiple tax period)
  8. Tax paid on an intra-state supply which is subsequently held to be inter-state supply and vice-versa
  9. Excess payment of Tax, if any
  10. Any Other Refund
  11. Supplier of Deemed Export (with multiple tax period)
  12. Filing of monthly refund applications by Quarterly Return filers.


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