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Become A Masters India GST Partner

Masters India GST Dealer – Partner program is perfect for ERP and Accounting software vendors and implementation companies, CA, Lawyers, Tax Advisors and Tax Payer Helpers.

ERP and Accounting Software Vendors

Companies engaged in creating latest technologies designed to help businesses manage core business processes.

ERP and accounting software implementation companies

Companies engaged in advising and implementing latest technologies so businesses can efficiently manage core business processes.

Chartered Accountants/Lawyers

Chartered accountants and Lawyers who help businesses comply with regulatory requirements.

Tax Payer Helpers

Anyone looking to help companies meet their compliance requirement at the same time earn money while doing so.

    • GST Dealer - Partner can earn more than 61% ROI
    • GST Dealer - Partner gets the Masters India Brand Name
    • Product Training
    • GST Dealer - Partner gets the marketing collaterals
    • Demo video on Youtube
    • Legal assistance
    • GST course material
    • GST Dealer - partner gets the technical know-how of the GST filing software 'autoTax'
    • Free webinars
    • GST Dealer - partner gets the on-demand support from Masters India
    • Channel marketing
    • Cost benefit for 'Pro' and 'Premium' GST dealers - partners

What’s in it for you?

Business Growth

Over eight million tax entities will be looking for a solution to file GST returns, what are you waiting for!

Customer Satisfaction

Help your clients by providing them a comprehensive GST
compliance solution so do not have to look for a third-party vendor

What Partners Love About the Program

When you sign up as a Masters India sales partner, you get access to a free Masters India partner account that’s chock full
of the following resources 

Software and support
Community Support

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