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How to Amend GST Registration

A business is very much alive as it sustains in a dynamically developing and competitive environment. As a result, it is very likely to undergo several timely changes to adapt, compete and grow. To respond to changes in the business ecosystem, changes in place and style of operations, ownership, error correction, communication particulars, other business … Read moreHow to Amend GST Registration

Impact of GST on Hotel Industry


Indian tourism and hospitality industry has justly been touted as one of the key drivers of the economy, given the rise of an ambitiously expanding middle class and increased disposable income of this population bracket. Currently, it accounts for 7.5 percent of the country’s GDP, with a promised growth of about 16.1 percent CAGR, sweeping … Read moreImpact of GST on Hotel Industry

Understanding HSN Codes Under GST


Until 30th June 2017, goods coding system in India prevailed in its primeval stages and thousands of products across various states had their own coding mechanisms for classifying goods, until the advent of the new generation taxation regime – GST, which to function, demands a fully uniform and organized classification of goods, applicable PAN India … Read moreUnderstanding HSN Codes Under GST

GSTR 3B Guide

What is GSTR 3B? GST law finally came into existence with effect from July 1st, 2017. However, anticipating the lack of IT infrastructure preparedness and to calm the initial taxpayer anxieties, the union finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley on June 18th, 2017 announced that the GST return filing requirements have been relaxed for the first … Read moreGSTR 3B Guide

Impact of GST on Logistics Industry

As a sector that holds together a countless number of manufacturing and trading activities in the country on a daily basis, and is forever attempting to bridge the shaky gap between increasing consumption and timely supply, it would hardly be an understatement to consider logistics as the backbone of the rapidly shape-shifting Indian economy. The … Read moreImpact of GST on Logistics Industry

Analysis of Reverse Charge Mechanism Under GST


Baburam, the owner of a goods transportation agency, hurried inside the office of Kushal, a CA by profession, whov looked after Baburam’s files. “Baburam ji!” Kushal greeted, “Long time. How are you doing?” “I ain’t doing any fine,” Baburam retorted as he sat down, “For truck owners and transporters like us, GST has hit us … Read moreAnalysis of Reverse Charge Mechanism Under GST

Introduction to GST Returns

Pre 1st July 2017, a manufacturer, trader, retailer or any other business was filing returns in respect of various compliances – Excise, VAT, Service Tax, Sales Tax, and Income Tax etc. with separate returns for each of them. A continuous process of filing returns – monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly existed and businesses were kept … Read moreIntroduction to GST Returns

Impact of GST on Automotive Industry


The 14-year-long journey of Goods and Service tax (GST) finally culminated on July 1, 2017 with the implementation of the biggest tax reform of India in the 70 years of its independence. While the government of India, under the leadership of Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, hailed the introduction of a ‘Good and Simple … Read moreImpact of GST on Automotive Industry