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Introduction to GSTR-2B

Goods and Services Tax (GST) was introduced by the Government of India to create a single unified indirect tax for the entire country. The Government has been taking continuous measures to simplify the process and plug the loopholes in the current structure. GSTR-2B was recently introduced on a pilot basis to strengthen the process of … Read moreIntroduction to GSTR-2B

GST RET-2 Form

GST RET-2 Form is introduced in the GST System with the motive to simplify the compliance procedure for the taxpayer. In this article, we will dive into the details regarding GST RET-2 Form in-depth. Table of Contents What is GST RET-2 Form? GST RET-2 Form Due-Date Format of GST RET-2 Form GST RET-2 Form Contents … Read moreGST RET-2 Form

GST PMT-08 Form

GST PMT-08 Form is introduced in the GST system to simplify the GST compliance process for the taxpayer. In this article, we will cover every minute detail about the GST PMT-08 Form. Table of Contents What is GST PMT-08? Due Date of GST PMT-08 Format of PMT-O8 Content of PMT-O8 Form GST PMT-08 Form Important … Read moreGST PMT-08 Form

GST ANX-2 – Inward Supplies Annexure

To file GST RET-1 the taxpayer has to fill two annexure and they are GST ANX-1 and GST ANX-2. We will discuss the same in this article. Table of Contents What is FORM GST ANX-2? Format of GST ANX-2 Form Content of GST ANX-2 Form Things to remember at the time of filing GST ANX-2 … Read moreGST ANX-2 – Inward Supplies Annexure

New GST Return Forms

The CBIC along with GST Portal has introduced the proposed GSTR forms. If the news has to be believed the new GST Return Form will come into effect from 2nd quarter of F.Y. 2019-20. Table of Contents What are the different types of GST Returns? What is the process of switching New GST Returns? New … Read moreNew GST Return Forms

GSTR-8 Form: Return filing, Due Date and Format

GSTR-8 is a monthly t that has to be filed by the taxpayer who collects the tax at source. In this article we will discuss about GSTR-8 in brief.   Points covered What is GSTR-8? Who shall file GSTR-8? Who is an e-commerce operator? GSTR-8 Due Date Consequences for not filing GSTR-8 Is it possible … Read moreGSTR-8 Form: Return filing, Due Date and Format

GSTR-7: What, How and When?

Under the GST regime, every registered taxable person has to furnish a GST Return either monthly or quarterly in addition to Annual GST Return. GSTR-7 is one such GST Return, let us discuss it in brief: 1. What is GSTR-7? GSTR-7 is a type of GST Return that shall be furnished by those who deduct … Read moreGSTR-7: What, How and When?