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E-invoicing System under New GST Return

As per the last GST Council Meet, the council member collectively decided that the e-invoicing system under the new GST Return will be implemented from January 2020. However, there is a limit of aggregate turnover on which it will be applicable. So, in this article we will discuss all e-invoicing system implementation under New GST … Read moreE-invoicing System under New GST Return

Everything About Invoice Reference Number (IRN)

What is an Invoice Reference Number (IRN)? IRN or Invoice Reference Number is a unique code generated by IRP (Invoice Registration Portal). Invoice Reference Number is also known as hash as IRN uses hash generation algorithm. Invoice Reference Number shall be generated for every invoice, debit or credit note. Why IRN is also known as … Read moreEverything About Invoice Reference Number (IRN)

Introduction to e-Invoicing APIs

Background In the 38th GST Council meeting, the GST Council has decided to implement the e-Invoicing from 1st Jan 2020. Currently, the e-Invoicing system will be used to report only B2B invoices to the GST System. NIC being the first Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) has also made the e-Invoice process through API mode. The GSPs … Read moreIntroduction to e-Invoicing APIs

E-Invoice JSON

e-Invoice API Technical Specifications { “$schema”: “http://json-schema.org/draft-04/schema#”, “title”: “GST-India Invoice Document “, “description”: “GST Invoice format for IRN Generation in INDIA”, “TaxSch”: “GST”, “Version”: “1.00”, “Irn”: { “type”: “string”, “maxLength”: 64, “minLength”: 64, “description”: “Invoice Reference No.” }, “TranDtls”: { “type”: “object”, “properties”: { “Catg”: { “type”: “string”, “maxLength”: 3, “enum”: [“B2B”, “B2G”, “EXP”], “description”: … Read moreE-Invoice JSON

E-Invoice JSON Schema

Sample invoice JSON (“data” attribute in request payload JSON shown below) e-Invoice API Technical Specifications { “TaxSch”:”GST”, “Version”:”1.0”, “Irn”:””, “TranDtls”: { “Catg”: “B2B”, “RegRev”: “RG”, “Typ”: “REG”, “EcmTrnSel”: false, “EcmTrn”: “N”, “EcmGstin”: null }, “DocDtls”: { “Typ”: “INV”, “No”: “sadsd”, “Dt”: “2019-11-25”, “OrgInvNo”: null }, “ExpDtls”: { “ExpCat”: null, “WthPay”: null, “ShipBNo”: null, “ShipBDt”: “2019-11-25”, … Read moreE-Invoice JSON Schema

Implication for ERP/Accounting Software Providers

Expectation from A/C and Billing S/W Companies Phase-1 Understanding of e-invoice schema Make necessary changes in the software to generate file in JSON schema as published Develop ReusablePlugins Enable customer to send JSON file to the IRP using Receive digitally signed e-invoice with QR code and make available to user in readable format Phase-2 Send … Read moreImplication for ERP/Accounting Software Providers

API Presentation – E-Invoice to IRP Proposed Handshake API

Invoice Template   Invoice – Mandatory Info..   E-Invoice JSON – Objects Header Details This section has Tax Scheme, Version, Invoice Reference No. Transaction Details This section has Transaction category, type, Document Details This section has the Document Type, Number, Date etc Seller Details This section contains the Seller GSTIN, Tradename, Address etc Buyer Details This … Read moreAPI Presentation – E-Invoice to IRP Proposed Handshake API