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Team Masters India
Team Masters India at June 28, 2022

1. Why is it necessary to register on ICEGATE?

Any person who wants to upload documents for the bill of entries and shipping bill cannot do it without registering on ICEGATE.

2. How to upload a document through ICEGATE?

There 2 methods of uploading documents through ICEGATE:

  • SMTP
  • File upload

3. I want to know the various types of message formats at ICEGATE?

Currently, there are two message formats at ICEGATE and they are:

  • ICES (Indian Customs EDI System) Version 1.0
  • ICES (Indian Customs EDI System) Version 1.5

4. What is the RES Software?

RES (Remote EDI System Software) that is a freeware that is created by NIC and can be downloaded using RES helps the user to create files that are compatible with the ICES Version 1.0/1.5 through ICEGATE.

5. What all services are included in ICES1.5 Version and ICES1.0 Version?

Let us understand this in a tabular form:

S.NO. RES Package Services
1 ICES Version 1.0 Submission
2 ICES Version 1.5 Submission
Query Reply

Note: The user has recently migrated to ICES Version 1.5 needs to register themselves for query reply by sending a request and ICEGATE registration details to

6. Is it possible to use a single RES package for filling in both the versions at ICEGATE?

No, you cannot use a single RES package for filing both the versions.

7. What should I do if encounter any problem with RES package?

There are two possible solutions for the same

  1. Registering the problem at helpdesk of the ICEGATE (
  2. Mailing to support at, here you need to provide a complete detail about the problem and error that you are facing at the time of using RES package along with the checklist and flat file.

8. What shall I do if I am not getting a query?

The query is a new functionality that is introduced in the ICES 1.5 Version for the assessing officer. In case if the user is not getting the query on he/she needs to update their ICEGATE ID by sending a mail on

9. Do I need to use my registered mail id to file documents?

No, it is not necessary to use the registered mail ID to file the Shipping Bill/Bill of Entry. Howsoever, it shall be noted that the queries and status of his document will reflect on the users' registered mail ID.

10. How to check the status of the documents that I have submitted?

A user can check the status of the documents that they have submitted through logging into the ICEGATE website using their valid credentials. After logging into the system, the user needs to click on the Document Tracking System. Alternatively, the user can also call on the ICEGATE Helpdesk on 011-23379020 or 011-23370133 or can mail the same on

11. I am stuck with RES, how can I contact the helpdesk of ICEGATE?

In case if a user is stuck somewhere they can either

12. How can I add more services on already registered user ICEGATE?

In case if you want to add more services you need to send a request on with all the changes that you want to add.

13. Is it possible to change the ICEGATE ID?

No, it is not possible to change the ICEGATE ID as it is a unique number that is allotted to every registered user.

14. Can I modify or update my profile at ICEGATE?

In case if you want to modify or update your profile you need to send complete details on

15. Is it possible to register on ICEGATE by just sending an e-mail?

No, you cannot register yourself on ICEGATE by just sending an e-mail. They need to furnish the registration form on ICEGATE that is available on

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