How Can Customers Generate E-Way Bills?

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 23, 2023

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    Know the Steps to Generate E-Way Bill

    Under the GST provisions, an E-Way Bill (EWB) is required when goods valuing more than INR 50,000 are transported (intra-state/inter-state). This EWB is generally generated by the supplier of goods or the transporter. However, there can be conditions when the customer may have to generate the EWB. In this article, we will explain:

    Circumstances When The Customer Has To Generate The E-Way Bill

    • If the goods are transported in the customer’s vehicle (customer is the transporter as well), then he/she may be required to generate the EWB.
    • In some cases, the customer who is also the transporter can update the vehicle details in part B of the EWB.
    • However, if the customer (who is also the transporter) is not registered under GST, he/she can request the supplier to generate the EWB.
    • An unregistered customer can generate the EWB from the e-Way Bill portal as well.

    Steps To Generate E-Way Bill

    • Step 1: Visit the e-Way Bill portal.
    • Step 2: Under ‘Registration’, select ‘E-Way Bill for Citizens’.


    Generate E-Way Bill


    • Step 3: From the options available, select ‘Generate New EWB’.


    Generate E-Way Bill


    • Step 4: Fill in the ‘Application for Enrollment of Citizens’ and then ‘Continue To Bill Generation’.


    Generate E-Way Bill


    Points to note:

    • Other than the PAN and email address of the customer, all the other details have to be filled mandatorily.
    • Once the mobile number has been entered, the customer has to validate the same by requesting for an OTP.


    • Step 5: Enter the details of the goods being transported and the vehicle details.


    Generate E-Way Bill Generate E-Way Bill


    Note: The details required vary based on the type of supply selected. The options available are:

    ⇒ Outward supply

    ⇒ Inward supply

    • Step 6: Click on ‘Submit. Once the details are submitted, if accurate, the e-Way bill with a unique e-way bill number is generated.


    How To Update/Print/Cancel E-Way Bill?

    The unregistered customer generating the EWB can update, print or cancel the EWB through the portal.

    • Step 1: Visit the e-Way Bill portal.
    • Step 2: Under ‘Registration’, select ‘E-Way Bill for Citizens’.
    • Step 3: Select the applicable option.


    Generate E-Way Bill


    • Step 4: Enter the mobile number registered while filing the ‘Application for Enrollment of Citizens’ and the e-Way Bill Number. The phone number has to be validated with an OTP.


    Generate E-Way Bill


    • Step 5: Take the required action. Here, the customer can update the vehicle number or print the EWB or even cancel it.
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