GSTIN Search By Using PAN Number

Prakash Matre
Prakash Matre at March 17, 2023

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    Let's Search GSTIN With PAN 

    Under the GST regime, every supplier of goods/services (whose aggregate turnover exceeds the threshold limits*) has to get themselves registered under the GST law. This GST registration is at a master GST PAN level and is State specific. On registration, the Government allots the supplier with a 15-digit GST identification number called ‘GSTIN’. If we deconstruct the composition of the GSTIN, it is evident than the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the supplier plays a vital role in GST registration.


    Search GSTIN By PAN



    Masters India has developed a tool www.mastersindia.co/gst-number-search-by-name-and-pan. It helps users search GSTIN with PAN or name.



    The GSTIN of a supplier can be identified through the Government Portal. To check GSTIN through Government Portal, users can:

    • Step 1: Visit the GST portal.
    • Step 2: Under ‘Search Taxpayer’, select ‘Search by PAN’.


    GSTIN Search By PAN


    • Step 3: Add Permanent Account Number (PAN), Captcha and click on ‘Search’.


    GSTIN Search By PAN


    The GST portal will display the GSTIN number details based on the PAN provided.


    GSTIN Search By PAN



    *Threshold Limit For GST Registration


      Supplier of Goods Supplier of Services
    Aggregate Turnover – Normal Category States Exceeds INR 40 lakhs Exceeds INR 20 lakhs
    Aggregate Turnover – Special Category States Exceeds INR 20 lakhs Exceeds INR 10 lakhs


    Hope, now you understand how to search GSTIN from PAN. You can also get the help of mastersindia.co/gst-number-search-and-gstin-verification/.

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